I could not comply

This evening I was riding on the wrong side of the street in a unicycle lane (they have those here!). Anyway, I hear this authoritative voice coming from the other side of the road, that is the right side. At the moment I understood the words I also identified out of the corner of my eye a police car. It is amazing to me how cops understand human nature. Although I had heard the words and processed the basic meaning, a little extra remained to be realized, and this happened at the instant I turned to look and acknowledge the officer.
And what he said was…

Re: I could not comply

Always use your handlebars.

I let out an excited (and relieved) “Yeah!”, and we waved at each other as he hit the gas.

thats sweet,heres one for you.

i was riding home from my Tavern late,about 1:30am.i was on the sidewalk going slowly with a flashlight in my left hand,a police car pops out of nowhere,see’s my light and pulls a U-Turn.

he drives twords me at speed,i dismount.he slows,and says out his window…not the guy im lookin for

i waved,he kept going…

It’s always good to be on the funny side of the law.

yeah,as i get older and all the cops get younger i can see that they need to giggle once in awile and at 130am im glad to be the clown.at least the clown gets to sleep in his own bed…