I Can't Land 360 Unispins! Please Help

I know this thread may seem kind of annoying it’s just I’ve been trying for so long now I figured it’s better to ask for advice than keep failing.

It seems like I’ve been close for 2 weeks now, but no matter how hard I try my left foot always misses the pedal. I know the obvious fix seems like pull my left foot in further but no matter how hard I try I can’t get my left foot to land in the right place. When I just push my left foot in it usually hits the side of the pedal and I have quite a bit of bruising on my ankle bone and the inside of my foot because of this. And BTW, my right foot almost always lands on the pedal, I pretty much stay over the unicycle, and I usually catch the seat well.

Is it most likely I’ve got into a bad habit of throwing my left leg out so far that I can’t get it back in or is probably just that I’m not committing? I’ve never been good at committing to landing tricks where your feet leave the pedals. I just can’t force myself for some things. I also have a big problem with not being able to commit to landing crankflips. Maybe street’s not for me and I should focus on trials more? :roll_eyes:

Anyway I thought I’d just ask for advice because it’s really frustrating and there’s probably something obvious I need to do and once I do that it’ll just click. And then after heaps of practise I’ll say “why didn’t I do that 2 weeks ago?” :P. Well that’s kinda what happened when I was learning 180 unispins anyway.

Thanks very much for any help.

I dont know how much we can help, we cant land it for you. I would say probably the best thing to do is to go all out with protection so nothing is left that can be hit or injured, strap foam and stuff to your legs and then try for it again. The extra protection should give you the confedence and alow you to keep trying it without hurting yourself. Once/if you get them you can then you can loose all the extra padding. I dont know, it may work.

I had the same problem with my right foot.

You aren’t sticking over the unicycle. Jump straight up. The reason you don’t have enough time to move your foot back is because you are jumping backwards, out away from the uni. If you snap your other leg into the crank, you will fall backwards, and your natural response is to put it on the ground. Jump straight up, and go for it.

Thanks for the advice. I think it’s more that I jump straight up but the uni goes out infront. I tried doing it on a line and staying on the line when I landed but it didn’t help for some reason. And yes I have managed to get my feet to land on the pedals about 5 times total lol. Each time I either fell backwards or just fell off behind the unicycle. For some reason when I do 180’s now it’s the opposite. I land about 95% of them but when I don’t I fall forwards.

Next time I practise I’ll focus on staying over the unicycle and spinning it in the same place on the ground. I’ll land it eventually. Unfortunately it’s hailing ATM and I have a lot of homework :frowning:

Man - it’s amazing how we are in exactly the same spot. I started filming after I landed my first one. I have almost 1,000 attempts since then and haven’t got a second one. I’m missing pretty much the same way you are. Right foot lands on - left foot misses either behind or outside the pedal.

Keep after it - you’ll get it - and so will I.

Got any video to post? It does seem to be helping me to watch my attempts and try to fix what I see.

MVI_1392 left on 213_0001.jpg

I had pretty much the same problem, but with my right foot. (I jump right foot forward). I solved this by jumping a little higher, (to give me a little more time to spot and land on the pedals), and leaning forward. My natural tendency was to land on the pedal closer to me first, and this throws off your balance but can easily be corrected by leaning forward slightly. Hope that helps.

Thanks. Jumping higher was what helped me learn 180. I already jump pretty high but I will try to jump higher.

I’ll try post a video soon so people can more easily see what I’m doing wrong.

Its actually not that hard, just commit.