I can't hop higher than 2 pallets

now I have been abell to hop on to 2 pallets for a while now but just can’t seen to get any higher.
I have used the search thing but noting I have not found mush
that really help,what can I do?? how did you get it?

oh and my gole is to get 23" by June if it’s possible. and I practice 2 hours a day:)

All that can really be said is practice, practice, and more practice.

Some things you may not be doing that can help
-Different tire pressure (Tire should have a LITTLE bounce, not enough to make your tire fold, really this is more personal preference though)
-Seat in front riding
-Adding prehops before you jump

sif would probebly cause a few more problems then it solves.

I would advise against seat in front riding and learning to prehop just yet. You need to be able to hop static well for many trials lines. I would practice seat in until you are hitting your goal of 24", and then slowly switch to seat in front. Practice both and you will start your path towards becoming a good trials rider.

I still can’t S.I.F Hop but now that I know I can help I’ll work on that.

Good Good you must be thinking of some one else cuz I was not Born to be good
I was born to be great! :roll_eyes:

and static is just hoping strait up right ?

Not necessarily. Static means stationary, so it just means that you aren’t moving before or after the hop. So, it would be something like going from on top of a rock over to another rock, where neither of those positions allows you much (if any) wiggle room. Like Danni says, it’s important for trials riders, who have to be able to nail their landings without a bunch of small hops, etc.

I wish I could do it better, too, but haven’t practiced much lately.

I would define static as “not rolling”. Haha.

Well are you committed to the jump? As in you feel like you can do it. If you not committed you’ll never make it. Also what are you trying to break your record on? If your doing it on 3 pallets, you should probally not do that. You should find something at a height between 2 pallets and 3 pallets.

I wrote a tutorial on how to break committment issues, cause that’s what I used to suffer from. High Jump Tutorial for beginners by beginner.

Just keep practicing.

Today I broke my record and hopped 3 pallets :):):):slight_smile:

Congratulations :sunglasses:

Work on hopping up/down stairs at 1, 2, 3+ at a time, squats (on uni) and squat riding.

watz are squat?!?

Stairs scare me :frowning: I still cant get jumping sideways I can only jump forwards and only 1 palet at that so Stairs I cant do :frowning:

I still don’t know wath squats are and I won’t he here tomorow:(


squats are when you go sif (seat in front) and bend down until your butt touches the tire. Try to do it slowly, as this gets your muscles more accustomed to the technique.

Congrats on three.:slight_smile:

Then do curbs, rolling and static. Do it to and from school every day.

I road to and from my college (2.5 mi, but a longer route) daily for 45-60 min each, and my progress really started to improve. I would also practice wherever I was at if I had some spare time, did my grocery shopping, etc.