I Can't Find The Right Psi!!

Hey guys, for the past month or two I’ve been riding at around 16 psi. (I’m 105 pounds) It felt great. Although I though it was at 18 psi. But then, I questioned whether it would bottom out on a four foot drop, and it obviously did. So I’ve been raising my psi until it doesn’t bottom out. At 18 it did. When I got to 20 It felt super stiff, but I still was able to hit 60 cm. static with it. And when I tried the drop, it bottomed out. Now I’m at 22 and I hit 55, but it was absolutely hard.

So, what do I need to do.

get smoother at drops :wink:

Don’t do 4 foot drops. Or raise the pressure when you do.



The pressure I like for general riding actually works fine for medium-largish drops(6+ feet) as long as I keep going with good technique(actually, I’m probably at 30-35 psi so I could just kaboom down and I would probably be fine)

An idea I haven’t tried

It sounds like you want a low pressure tire, that can still take a drop.

Maybe take an old inner tube, maybe 2, and cut off the valve stem, and slit it all around the inside. These could be placed on the outside of the inflated tube, as a sort of protective liner.

It would be heavier, and maybe it won’t work, but extra rubber is the only thing you can use besides extra air, to prevent a pinch flat.

I read a while back about someone using motorcycle tubes. Off road motorcycle tires come in extra thick versions, for extra flat protection.

so on the jump I did the drop straight down without a roll out. So I’m going to practice on two foot drops rolling out and get really good then I’ll be able to rollout on the four foot drop without bottoming out. I really like having my psi at 18.

My only question is this. When I did the four foot drop at 18 psi, my tire completely folded over. So this basically means even with a rollout I’ll bottom out, right?

I just went to the park to get some footage, and I was running at 18 psi. It felt really good, and I’d like it to be my psi. But it would bottom out on drops, what do I do,

Um you put more air in your tyre and get used to it or you go out and break things on drops.You do know that the more air in your tyre to a certain point will get you a much higher hop aslong as you do a harder prehop.Having more air in the tyre is good for everything lol and it doesnt take long to get used to it

yeah I’d just run a higher pressure and get used to it. I like having my PSI right at about 40 or so… and I’m hitting 76cm static, you just have to get used to it.

…or cary a pump w/ you and pump it up whenever you are going to do drops.

If your tire is folding over you need more air pressure or always land forward/backwards (not sideways or at an angle) and roll out.

Pinch flats aren’t the only danger of bottoming out. You could flat spot your rim.

When I started to ride, I rode at 7 psi, and I was 100 lbs. You have to take the shock more up your legs and body, not through your tire. I now run 23psi and I’m 165lbs. Start low, get your technique, then gradually add more psi as your prehops get harder.

I agree.

I weigh 200lbs and have for a while. I think I was 180 when is started to uni though. But I keep around 25-30psi.

I like 30 better cause it makes it feel like my prehop does something. Much like when you throw a somewhat filled up basketball at the ground, it still bounces, but not much. A harder basketball, throw it on the ground, and its going to go a lot higher.

Landings feel harder, but not really.

I guess it depends on how you ride. I haven’t done perhaps in a while. I prefer to us my legs to compress the tire. When I prehop I feel very awkward and can’t get as high. I’m trying to learn conventional prehops so I can get higher.

Im the same way, but when I prehop, I really feel the tire compress, and with it harder, it seems like Ill get more bounce with the added compression.

Also for got to mention, it might just be me, but I like the way my moto tube handles alot more so than regular tubes. It feels as if when the moto tube is in you can get the right psi easier. I can find the right psi on my uni with it easy, but I played around with my other that had a normal tube and it seemed to take much longer and that I always missed the sweet spot.

I do what wickedbob does, I am getting my static really high so that when I add the prehop I can get it really high. Back to what Jerrick said about the basketball with little/lots of air. Wouldn’t static be different because your not dropping?

There’s a street performer in Nottingham who jumps several feet off the floor then lands barefoot on a bed of nails. I’ve never seen him hurt himself.

The nails are sharp.

I’ve watched him closely, and he does it by landling softly, like a long spring. His feet, ankles, knees, hips arms, upper body and head all decelerate in sequence so that there is never a sudden load on the soles of his feet.

If he landed straight legged and hard his feet would be impaled.

I doubt that the problem is the psi in your tyre. It is more likely to be a conflict between your expectations and your technique.

Its now at 22 psi, and it still bottomed out. Also it feels way to stiff, what should I do?

Okay, I just did it at 28 psi, and it still bottomed out, thats with a rolling hop to. how high do I have to go? I still want compression!

Edit: I’m sitting here with my dad showing him the pictures of my tire bottoming out at 28 psi. he says that the force will displace the air due to the force. The air has to go somewhere. I agree with him, but it seems that when you guys drop you don’t bottom out, is this true?
Also, how common is it to bend your rim?