I can't decide!!!!

So ive never ridden a unicycle in my life, but i want to learn how. I realized that meant i needed a unicycle. I originally went with the Torker LX 24. Then i started questioning whether to get 20’’ of 24’’. I know what the differences are, but i really want to ride trials, but i know a starting unicycle such as the Torker LX 24’’ wont survive trails and in that case if im not doing trails i want something that is practical to ride. (a 20’’ is too small to use practically besides trials, freestyle, streeet and those trick things). Im not sure what to do. Another thing is price. As I said i wanted a Torker LX 24 for like $130. Should i get something more expensive that will last longer, like buy a niumbus trials now and ditch the Torker, or should i buy a cheaper sun or club model? What size? Also if i were to get the 24’’ Should i go with the NImbus II 24’’ freestyle ISIS for $245 because it will last longer. Answers plz, and i foyu recomend a uni, tell me!

I bought a cheap learner uni about 2 years ago and it was a waste of money. It left me totally uninspired so I didn’t put the effort in to learn how to ride. It was only when I bought a KH24 earlier this year that I became an addict.

I now have a KH20 double crown to go with the 24 and I’m not far off investing in a KH29. I’ve ridden 40 miles in the past 5 days and I love it.

My advice is buy an expensive, quality unicycle - they are wonderful to ride and will keep you motivated.

Thanks for the help, but I don’t think a my is quite in my price range.

If you really want to do trials, you should get a trials unicycle. unicycle.com has a Nimbus trials on sale for $245. If you change your mind later, you can sell it here and get a lot of your money back.

You’re probably not going to find a unicycle that is practical for riding around and good for trials. So start with the trials first. 20" is a good size for learning anyway. Later on, you can get a 29" or something for riding around.

Thanks that’s what I was thinking but I was also thinking I wanted a 24 incher. I think I’ll probably get the one on sale (the nimbus Oreo black phantom) I believe. I was thinking of buying that one anyway regardless of what I bought first.

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I learned how to ride on a piece of crap with a solid plastic tire on a 16" wheel. Desire to ride a unicycle is less about the equipment and more about you. But if you know you want to do Trials, go straight for the Trials if you can. It might be a tiny bit harder to learn on, but don’t let that be an excuse. Any unicycle will seem too hard when learning to ride, so it doesn’t matter very much at all.

Otherwise, if you’re planning ahead, get the a lightweight (cheap) 24" and you’ll start your fleet off that much sooner. You could even find something used on eBay if you want.

i want to get to trials eventually because it looks fun, but do you think i should just go for it now? :thinking:

(I am a newbie, but that also means I learned recently)

I learned on a Crqppy 24" uni. I felt that it was the right choice for me (I am 5’ 10"). I am glad I learned on this and not a trials or 20" because it was much less tiring, and it is easier to balance something that Is higher in the air (however, I would not go bigger than a 24"). Think of balancing a pencil on your finger vs. A meter stick. The other thing I found that hindered my learning process was my tire. It had a low psi rating, so it had a lot of friction when trying to turn. This is not such a big deal for an experienced rider, but for a beginner it might be a good idea to get a high psi street tire (maybe 60 psi). Also, make sure the seatpost length is long enough. I didn’t, and it greatly hindered my learning process. This can be purchased pretty cheaply , and I reccomend getting a trials after you learn. That big fat tire and generally lower seatpost might be tough for a learner.

:(thanks, but now im getting mixed answers :astonished: …someone give me pros/cons of both

So what is the difference between a trails uni and a muni?

If I compare a Nimus 24" muni and a Nimus 20" trials uni the only difference I see is the wheel size, tire and crank length. It appears all of the other specs are the same, even the price. I there something else?

You only bought one unicycle, and you can learn Trials on it. If you go that route, don’t go too cheap. I recommend the Nimbus Trials, or one of those Koxx Ones at the online big box stores (any–don’t start another thread about deciding which one of those; there have already been several on that exact subject).

Cheap 24":
Great unicycle to have in any case, maybe a little easier to learn on. In the end you will have two unicycles (one for your friends to learn on). Downside: costs more than just the Trials.

You don’t want a MUni until after you learn to ride. MUnis have heavy, fat 24/26" wheels and generally don’t ride well on pavement.

We can’t decide for you, BTW. If you really can’t decide, you’re screwed. :slight_smile:

This kind of goes along with my question above. Wouldn’t installing a hookwork or other smooth tire make a muni into a 24" trials uni?

I don’t think you’d want too smooth of a tire for Trials on a 24", but an aggressive dirt tire is probably overkill. But I’m not a Trials expert, so I’ll defer that to them. Yes, not a big difference between those two other than wheel size. Which means also weight.

Since I am 6’-5" and 240, I’m thinking to myself, a 24" should feel to me like a 20" does to a 5’6" person, including the weight difference. I’ve got longer arms, legs and more muscle mass (when I’m fit :D) so my simple minded thinking is that a 24 could do both jobs with the right tire for a “larger-scaled” person. Is that a fair assessment?

There are so many choices these days, it’s over whelming. I’m just trying to make sense of it all. I have spent many hours reading the great posts and conversations here. Thanks.

Buying a cheap uni can become expensive. I have bought cheap ones and now have but spare parts of them and had to buy another one. Get one that is going to last and work for you even if you have to pay a little more it will cost less in the long run.

If you want to do Trials and also ride trails, it sounds like a good choice. If your main goal is Trials, get a little wheel. But there’s nothing better than being able to do some Trialsy riding in the middle of a long trail/MUni ride…