I can't decide please help

I have been unicycling for 6 months and I’m saving up for a month for a new unicycle. I’m going to get a trials unicycle but I can’t decide what to buy. I’m indecisive between “Impact 19” Athmos Unicycle" which cost $290 or the"Nimbus 20" Gremlin Trials Unicycle" for $350. Which would be better for trials and which would last longer. Please write back if you have any comments. Thanks. :thinking:

I personally would probably go with the Impact but it’s a newer model and I haven’t seen many reviews on it. I like the way the crown looks on the frame and the seat looks a lot better then the nimbus one. (Idk why but IMHO nimbus slim saddles look like a bird pooped on the cover.) The advantage of the nimbus is that it’s tried and true and is very strong. Both will be good for trials. UDC lists their weight as the same so there’s no reason to go with one or the other that way. The round crown of the Impact looks to me like it would be much better then the nimbus square crown because you will be less likely to bash your knees on it. Also, the Impact crown looks like it would be good for putting one foot on it and learning one foot riding type skills.

Thank you

I will look into that more

Here’s another uni that you should consider buying that is in your price range:

FWIW, I bought the Impact Athmos, b/c I don’t see myself doing hard trials stuff. So, I figured a “light” trials unicyle was plenty enough. Durable to beat the snot out of learning standard stuff, but not as overbuilt as a true trials unicycle - hence less weight and less $$$. Posted a review on UDC (US). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I haven’t seen/used the Nimbus, so i can’t make comparisons, but if you want specific info about the Athmos, ask away.

In short, unless you really plan to do heavy trials stuff, I think the Athmos is a pretty nice wheel.

Ubernerd I have a question

:thinking: Would it also be good for some simple flatland unicycling

only downside is their cranks arnt Isis so you need to buy koxx cranks and since the company has gone bust they are gunna run out eventualy

I think they used to be non-isis but now that koxx-one uni is isis.

The Koxx not-ISIS thing has been fixed for a while but you don’t really need to worry about it too much unless you swap cranks often between unicycles.

The problem with Koxx not-ISIS is it was larger than spec shich meant that their cranks fit loose on other hubs and were unusable but other cranks could be forced onto their spindles thanks to the 1˚ taper. Once a crank has been forced onto the un-ISIS spindle it would have been stretched and no-longer consistently fit real ISIS spindles.

I guess that was just a long way of saying “don’t worry about it too much”