I can't catch up to myself sometimes

Ok keep in mind I’m very new to the sport but maybe some advice from you folks could help explain this better. I’ve notice two different riding positions which I’ll call “Forward lean” & “Backward lean”. In the Froward lean you are pedaling to catch up to your hips/seat and in the backward your hips/seat is trying to catch up to your feet. I really called this the “wibble wobble” when I first learned as my body was going back and forth from both positions on my 20" a lot.

Now on to my problem…riding a 27.5 wheel and mostly leaning forward sometimes things get out of hand and I can’t pedal fast enough to get the wheel under me and I end up pedaling faster which then leans me out more to the point I’m going to fall so I hop and run off the front of the unicycle.

I’m about three months ahead of you. Best advice that is repeated over and over on this site is just keep getting on each day and getting saddle time. Not being able to go more than 20-yards, not being able to keep weight on the seat, not being able to make right turns, riding twisted, feeling like the seat is too high, feeling like the seat is too low, etc, etc…I’ve been through it all. It’s just part of the process. I rode 35-miles yesterday and I’m still not very good at going up and down steeper slopes but I know the fix!!

I told my wife last night this would be an extremely popular sport (I find it a lot like snow skiing) if it didn’t take so much time and desire to get to the point it truly is really enjoyable and not a challenge unless you want it to be.

I completely get what you are saying each day I feel I get a bit better. It’s a fun and challenging sport.

Yup, what TMason said. I would be tempted to take his post, save it, and drop it in (credited, of course) to the vast majority of beginner threads. :slight_smile:

With more saddle time, you will get better at determing how far forward you can go without taking it too far. At the same time, your capacity for ‘catching up to yourself’ will also improve.

If you want to take that feeling to its extreme, practice sprint racing. That’s where you go from a standing start, to cover 100m (or whatever short-ish distance) as fast as you can. It’s all about achieving the maximum lean, catching up to yourself and making the transition to maximum speed, while leaving enough left over in case you lean a little too forward. Then you will truly learn how fast your feet can go on a unicycle!

Yes, I experienced/asked the same (but with different words). Hope this helps.

Like the others said, it will get less the more you ride. I started
2 years ago and last week rode 40km altogether. As soon as I get tired, I “wibble wobble” more, but I’ve learned that when I go faster and faster, I need to hang back and force myself to ride slowly. Keeping your back straight and see how long you can ride slowly.

Also as John Foss says, try sprinting and then at the end lean back to catch yourself. You can do this many times during your ride.
With sprints I notice I can only do that a short time, because at some speed I start fighting to keep my balance. Practice makes perfect I guess.