I cannot even do a crank grab....grrrrr

So heres my problem; I went to as many forums as I could find on how to do crank and pedal grabs. I found them slightly useful, but everytime I land the crank on an object, it seems I cannot get enough power to get my unicycle tire on to the top of the object I’m jumping. It is so frustrating, now matter how many times I try it, I can not get my tire up onto the object. You guys probably can’t help, but I’m at the end of my rope when it comes to this. :angry:

You just have to tuck the uni up underneath you. If you can’t do static hops up something the same height as the distance from the ground to your crank, learn that first.

A static hop? May I ask what that is? Sorry I’m unfamiliar with a lot of the terms in here…

a static hop is one that is done not moving

What do you mean done not moving? That doesn’t make any sense…So I’m supposed to be able to do a crank grab whilst not moving?

or wait…do you mean can I jump the jump that I’m trying to crank grab? Yes I can jump it without the crank grab, its about 1 foot 3 inches and I can jump it Sif, but I cannot get up onto the jump via crank grab.

i actually think he was saying something a little bit different. the distance from the bottom of the crank to the ground on a 20" uni is about 9 inches. can you static hop up an obstacle 9" high? by static hop i mean, si and without a prehop. so you mount the uni, do some microhops to get your balance and the do a stand still for a moment and then hop up the obstacle. once you can do that it will seem a little easier to the crank grab to rubber. also you have to pull up on the handle a little more when you jump from a crank grab so that the uni will come with you.

make sense?

exactly what he said, you have to be able to get up like 10 inches or so without a prehop or rolling so you can get to tire after the crank grab. Also, try and lean towards the obstacle that you are trying to get your tire onto once you get the crank on it. This way you can try and slide the tire on as you hop. That may sound a bit confusing :slight_smile:

Thanks guys I get what you are saying, and will work on that…I’ll tell you what happens at the end of next week. Hopefully I can get it.

Hey I tried your advice and within five minutes I pulled off a crank grab. I guess I just needed to feel where to put my balance on a static hop. Once I realized where to put my weight and balance in I got the crank grab. I thank you guys for taking the time to reply and post to my thread, you guys have saved me a lot of time and frustration. Thank You!!!

Wait I’m having trouble with this too. Do you have to do this sif? Or can you just do it normallywith the seat under you? A video tutorial would me diet appreciated!


you dont need to do it sif, a video tutorial would be a bit of a waste of time to be honest, it’ll come in a little bit of practise, just follow the tipscand watch videos

Hey I just got to say. For me it was really frustrating I just failed over and over and never got anywhere. Turned out I was just kind of afraid of crank grabbing that certain jump. When I moved to a smaller jump I got a little more confidence. When you do a crank grab you can tell if your going to do it. It’s kind of like a light goes off in your head and you can just do it. I watched a video tutorial and it didn’t help, so just keep trying. I know its frustrating. But once you can get it, it makes jumping so much more fun. I’ve been getting on saw horses and other objects that have been recently unaccessible.


This makes me laugh, I can’t believe I posted something like how to do a crank grab…heheheh. Crank grabs are just something you learn…oops :stuck_out_tongue:

I adviced soo many riders from Slovenia on our forum about this. I just told’em, practice, practice, practice… Everyone can do it, but not if you just sit on computer and write about your problems on forums. Get out, take your uni with you and practice! If i tell you exact way how to do it, you still won’t be able to make it… So, go out and practice! Your goal granted! :sunglasses:
They all said, I’m right and next day they made it (not all ofcourse, but many of them)!

…If you really don’t get enough power to push it on the object, i guess you don’t jump enough. (I never learned to land crankgrab, because I think it’s useless… I just learned pedalgrap)