I can wheel walk woo

I can wheel walk a long, long way on reasonable ground now. Woo.

I can’t, wooooo.

Shouldn’t that be “I can’t, booooo?”

i can almost. I wheel walk like 12 feet

I almost can glide woo
I can ww for ever on flat ground woo

[same here]

The most amount of curbs I’ve ridden off of before is four. Yesterday I rode off of over thirty in one session. Yippee!!

i can wheel walk about 15m on my 24" but about 4 feet on my 19"


ww or just riding?
Edit to the curb guy.

I can wheel-walk for about 10 meters. And one-footed wheel-walk for a meter.

I’m still learning:(

I can wheel walk about 5 metres with reasonable control! Freestyle is waaay to hard.