I can unispin off 2 pallets.

today I started to do unispins of a pallet and got the one pallet on my 4th try. and took me quite a bit to unispin of 2 pallets but i got it. so now i can unispin in the air.


That’s awsome! I can barely do one on the ground. :roll_eyes:

hey well done. You should try do them up a pallet or 2 as well, thats a little harder

I think it depends…

As for me, I can 180 unispin up things more easily then down (180 unispin up : about 30 cm, down : about 15 cm) because my cranks keep flipping. But when I 360 unispin, my cranks aren’t flipping, so I can drop things as high as maybe 50 cm, but can barely up a curb 360 unispinning (Landed it twice…).

A friend of mine, Émile5, can 180 unispin down a pic nic table somewhat easily, and he rolling unispinned down a 3 set without his cranks flipping at all.

My point is…hum…no point…just congrats Isaac with unispin down obstacles, they’re really cool !


I’ve unispinned off curbs a few times, but didn’t get it consistent yet, because I can’t wear my shinguards(it’s too hot). Once the heat dies, I’ll practice them all the time.

Congratz to you, well done!

Awesome Issac! good work.

I was gonna say this. =p

Also do unispins up stairs, rolling, static, or one unispin on each stair until your at the top.

Good job!

where do u buy pallets and how much do teh cheaper ones cost

u can get them for free from stores and stuff, but some stores reuse them so u cant get them from them…legally

Oh yeah I can see you now…In a black ninja suit sneaking up grabbing a pallet from good ol wal-mart haling it back to you’re uni holding it high above your head uniing all the way home.

lol thats wat a truck is for and no its not a ninja suit its a spy suit get right loser lol

Them are fighting words. Looks like I’m gonna have to just ignore that comment and not get offended by it :wink:

lol u know i was joking right???

Yes I did.

And on the subject what exactly is entailed in a “spy” suit? I do hope it’s in 007 tuxedo class.

no splinter cell style:) James bond is better though IMO though

You think this thread has been jacked? :stuck_out_tongue:

no i dont think so, soooooooo… whos your favorite spy?:stuck_out_tongue:

If I told you he or she would kill you.

Edit: or maybe it’s a them…