I can ride too! :)

I had this 20" unicycle for a while, which I’d bought at a garage sale
for a few dollars.

I’ve been trying it for about 10-15 minutes at a time on our very short
front patio where I could reach the wall on one side, and the railing
on the other.

Yesterday a neighbor saw me struggling that way and suggested that I
should try it out in the open. He said that he knew how to unicycle and
demonstared his skill after using my shoulder as a mounting support.
Cool! :slight_smile:

After he left I decided to use a different method. I used the overhung
branches of a tree to mount. The great thing about this is that my arms
could start in an already balancing position. The result was phenomenal
(for me that is) :slight_smile: I could ride a few pedal strokes at first and
eventually managed to ride 45 meters within 15 minutes! I was so happy!
I was jumping up and down. :slight_smile:

If my earlier struggles helped, my total training must have been about
an hour and a half. I ride my mountain bike two to three times a week
and can stand on it at red lights. That skill must have helped too.

I want to get a new unicycle now. I am thinking about getting a 24"
because I am 5’11 with an inseam of 34 with shoes. Is that a good size?
Should I go even larger? I would love to get a mountain unicycle but
they are more costly. What would you recommend?


P.S. I love this midlife crisis! You get to learn lots of great stuff!

Go to www.unicycle.com and find the 24" Troker DX Mountain Unicycle. Its very string and not too expensive.

Congratulations on your ride!

A 24" is a good all-purpose size. If you get a Torker LX ($99), you can reasonably ride it off-road, it’ll be fine if you’re not doing crazy stuff on it. Then you can move up to the mountain unicycle when you’re hooked.