I can ride my bike with no handlebars

Hello hella all!
There is a video I was suposed to make with someone but I didnt want to wait anymore for his part so there it is:

Those triples were rad indeed. I really liked this video; i’m gonna show it off to my friends when they’re home tonight :slight_smile:

Another awesome obscure Canadian, yay! :slight_smile:

Really nice flip tricks.

If you talk to Eastern street riders most of us have heard of or met him.

Mikael you were at UAB right?


Yeah, those were nice triples and I liked the cleanness at 1:45-1:48. And you scared the little s away at 1:34!

Sacré film Mikael.5*

loooooool :d

You improved like CRAZY since I last rode with you.

Only thing I can say is perhaps repeat tricks less in the vid, and get on some sets :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice stuff up there!
What kind of video camera did you shoot with? Looks nice and clear.

Wow, you’ve inproved a lot. Nice flip tricks. You should try grinding that handrail from the top lol. And maybe too many of the same tricks but O well. Also, I’m so sick of that song. Kool vid though.

Wow. Bitching video.
You need to take some of those tricks down some sets or something.
Seemed like almost everything was done on flat or a short ledge.
Very nice video though, you’ve improved a ton.

Nice man, triples, in-doubleflip, doubleback. :smiley:

But sadly, I was never a fan of that song :stuck_out_tongue: stick to the good stuff.

wow really cool video!

you learn very fast guy! DOubleback, Triplefip, hickdouble…

keep it up man :wink:


Haha, I was thinking of using that as a song but didn’t think it’d fit well. It did though.

Cool vid!

Really is that MikaelHebert the one i was in part with on LIFE? Man u are good now Mikael! u learn stuff REALLY fast… :slight_smile:

there isnt two MikaelHebert so take a chance and guess :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmm… im guessing… Another Mikael Hebert, from Spain:D (just kidding)

Ur good in tricks/street but are u good in big street Mikael?