i can ride a unicycle!!!

i can ride my unicycle!
yesterday at the toronto club i was showing someone how to hop, then they asked me to demonstrate riding and i said i couldn’t & they got all confused because i could hop. (and do my version of a rolling hop) then asked me to prove that i couldn’t ride and i said fine, and got on and rode halfway across the gym.

once THAT happened, i started going the length of the gym, i was going in (mostly) a straight line, i could do a silly flailing of my arms to turn, i’m also doing a “lean-into-the-turn” turn… i even made an entire lap around the gym once! (while avoiding people and obsticals!)


and to anyone who is planning on poo-pooing on me for posting this admitidly useless thread, you be quiet! i’ve been going at this for SIX MONTHS. i learned how to freemount in about a month, i could hop until the end of time but for the past 6 months i could NOT RIDE!

i think i’m allowed to gloat needlessly just a little!

ah. now i feel better. :slight_smile:

Good for you !!

You seem to have done some things backwards from how I did it though. (Maybe I did it backwards.) I just learned to hop and I have been riding for about 18 months.

It just goes to show, if you stick with it, you can do it !!

Don’t worry - it took me that long to be able to ride. After I first realised I could ride (I had been leaning on a wall before and when I had the guts to go out in an open space I found I could ride quite a way) my riding got better pretty quickly, mainly because I started enjoying it more and therefore riding more.

Still struggling with idling though, and that’s another six months down the line :-/


thanks :slight_smile:
i was ever so estatic about actually going, and going in a pretty controlled manner, and going like 90% of the time.

before i would have freak accidents where i could ride, but most of the time i would fall off.

and i so learned things backwards.

first i freemounted
then i hopped
then i did a 2 halfcranks-hop-2 halfcranks-hop
then i did kinda a freemount, hop a few times, ride away for a few feet.
NOW i learn to ride :slight_smile:

Now you’ll have to change this, at least the “? phht!” parts. :sunglasses:

Congratulations, soon, very soon, you’ll be better than me as I can’t hop - yet.:o


I was talking about this just yesterday with my acting class. Not unicycling per-say, but about the Zen, ‘beginner’s mind’. It’s a phenomena that, for whatever reason, one day after never doing something, you’ll be elightened and you just, do it. The only down fall to it was that it may only occur once and you’ll never get the same occurance again, at least not as good. Normally it happens when you’ve never even tried your task, but then you see someone else do it, and it just makes sense. But man, if you’ve got it, hold on to it.
Can anyone else confirm this Zen ‘Beginner’s mind’?

BRAVO! i was there i will admit after i saw it had to pick my jaw up off the floor. nice job! you could always do it you just needed to break that little voice that said you could not. GOOD SHOW!

What is a 2 halfcranks-hop-2 halfcranks-hop
Ive never heard of it. Also what is a |=|_|<1// koosh koosh, I cant really download vids(dial up) so could someone post a pic and describe it.

dude, congratz :sunglasses:

It took me a little over a month to actually be able to ride a few feet consistently, but once i got to that point i started learning exponentialy. A week later i can ride a mile or two without falling off. It gets easier untill you try hopping and other more complicated stuff. Wait… oh nevermind : )

Props man

It took mr two weeks to learn to ride, another half week to mount without a wall, and then it took my about 1 1/2- 2 mo. to hop.
What is a 2 halfcranks-hop-2 halfcranks-hop
Ive never heard of it. Also what is a |=|_|<1// koosh koosh, I cant really download vids(dial up) so could someone post a pic and describe it.

Re: i can ride a unicycle!!!


Koosh Koosh is one way to wheel walk backwards. You put one foot behind the frame to the push the wheel and the other in front to hold the wheel in place while moving the pusher foot.
There is a picture and some advice here.



sorry. i just called it that to describe what it was i was doing to try and ride in a straight line.

basically it was me doing a lot of rolling hops. i found that i could keep my balance by hopping, so i would do two half-cranks (start to lose my balance here), stop, then hop once to balance myself, then repeat.

because of the fact there was as much hopping as rolling, i unoffically dubbed it the “hopping roll” :slight_smile:

now… i must learn to jump on things!!


Yayyy! Happy, Happy Happy!
You are the first person who ever told the truth about how long it took me to learn to ride. Hee Hee.


hahah only with you guys.

to people on the street, when they ask “how long have you been learning?” (afte ri tell them i can’t ride so i can’t show them) i’ll always say “oh, just a week or so” HAHAHA!

Umm… What exactly is your avatar a picture of, lilfunky?

my head, and the inside of my right knee that i kept banging up and bruising on the frame of my uni when i still couldn’t ride.

I found your post after you had replied to mine. Anyway, it is a great feeling. Congratulations. I’m finding the daily improvements are pretty significant. Hope you find the same thing.