I can hop. My torker can't.

Tried hoping today and was surprisingly ok at it. never could pogo but I can hop a Uni.
My 26" Torker LX with square taper cranks couldn’t take it. :frowning: I new one was beginning to fail and I probably should have known better.
I’ve wanted a better 26" for MUNi but didn’t want to pay for it quite yet. Anyone know a way to repair this?
Looks like the hub twisted inside the crank. I haven’t taken it off yet but am pretty sure with previous experiences on MTN bikes that after a square goes bad, thats it.
Itd be nice to be able to just get a complete wheel with isis cranks so I could keep the frame.

photo (4).JPG

Assuming your cranks are properly installed, your hub is toast. Time for a new hub. The upside is that square taper hubs are relatively cheap! Depending on the nature of the metal fatigue going on, the bent side (probably your dominant foot) may be about to break off, so ride gently.

Oh ya its done. I rode it back to the car and it felt like a V-twin engine. I’m going to retire this one until I figure out what I’m gonna do.
(and it was not the dominant side… weird…)

The hub is inexpensive. However, your LBS most likely will charge you a good amount to lace it up. I highly recommend this book

It has a great tutorial on wheel building. You should be able to reuse your spokes and nipples. No need for a truing stand. You can zip tie allen wrenches and a ruler to the fork to use as guides. Then if you want you can have the LBS true it up. Much less money than a wheel build.

This may be dumb but what do I look for as far as compatibility? Or will any square taper hub work? Those Isis hubs aren’t too bad, couldn’t I just get one of those with new cranks and then build the wheel up? I don’t have a lot of experience with hubs/wheels. I know the bearing has to be the same diameter right?

Trust me, The hassle isn’t worth it. Buy a new wheelset all together, or even a new unicycle. In the end you will save money.

I took the crank arms off and both sides of the hub bent. I can’t believe my first time hoping bent the hubs. But you get what you pay for.
Once it bent I had that oh crap, but yeah I can get a new one feeling… I’ll probably end up getting the nimbus I want. I hope it will last a little longer…

For sure it will!

If you flip the cranks 180 degrees the hub will start to bend the other way, until it breaks.

I would get the UDC cotterless hub (really strong for cotterless, prob stronger than the rest of your uni), lace it yourself and maybe have your LBS do the last bit of truing. Take it kind of easy on it (hoping down no more than a curb) until you have saved up for a strong Muni, get some shorter cranks and turn it into a road uni.

UDC hub

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Oh thanks man, I was looking at those today. 48 Is what I need. I will go ahead and get new cranks while i’m at it since they’re warped now too. I just put my order in for a 24" nimbus muni! I can’t wait, but I want to get this guy back on the road again. especially since It was my first. I think I can get everything back together quickly and have her going again in no time.
Thanks for the continued interest!

How short are we talking?