I can hop much higher on my 28" than my 24".

I’m suprised…I would have thought that the smaller wheel would be better.
My 28 is a Sun, all stock except for the KH seat.
my 24 is a 70s Schwinn with a KH seat and cotterless cranks and a 2.1 inch tire.
I can hope about 8 or 9 inches high with the Schwinn, and 11 with the 28" Sun.

I think the Sun is lighter, but I haven’t measured so I’m not sure.

Makes me wonder if I had a 20-inch really light uni, if I might actually not suck at hopping…:smiley:

well, I just inflated the tire back to 70 PSI (It had dropped to about 30).
Faster, but now I’m back to sucking when I hop. Much more normal!