I can hold out no more: strange things in Universe

Every time I’ve watched it - and that is a lot of times - I’m left wondering “what is that thing?”. It looks like a mini spirit level or something… but… why? What for?

Yours confusedly,



to , err keep the camera level?

it might be stuck to a tripod.

its funny to think that if today somebody posted a picture like that on the newsgrop everone (including me)would advise them to get a profile hub if they are going to consider “serious” unicycle trials.

Re: I can hold out no more: strange things in Universe

it looks like a level… I’m not sure…


Um, that’s I guy looking at the ocean. A kid sitting on a rock. A person on a unicycle. And a few people just standing around.

But I’m curious, what’s that thing on the other side of your red line?

uni57 (Dave)

I think it’s the top of a case, the bit that looks like a level being the handle.


Having actually seen the film might rule this idea out though.

It’s part of a camera stabilizer probably very similar to this one
It looks like that model doesn’t do so well when shooting downwards because parts of the Steadicam can get in the picture.

Aaah! All is revealed. It confused me for ages… it’s not attached directly to the camera as it wobbles about, so I was thinking a spirit level would be a bit pointless. Now all is clear!


Take a closer look at that little blue thing on the end.


:astonished: cool as ice.

A warning should be put on this thread. Something like that would get me fired at work!