i can glide!

i finally gave it all i had and glided for like 10 feet. I got this down in less than like 5 min too! I fell a few time at first but then i had it! My uni took a beating tho. It just went smack on the pavement like 4 times realy :astonished: hard :astonished:

I require video proof to believe you:D :wink:

Congratulations! Gliding is one of the most enjoyable unicycle skills you can learn, and it opens up lots of possibilites. Before you know it, you’ll be zipping down hills at top speed. It’s great fun!:smiley:

10 feet in five minutes is quite impressive. :astonished: Had you been doing a lot of one-footed wheel walk previously?

I wish i could glide.:frowning: I get bored practicing 1 foot ww.:frowning:

yes i do alot of 1 foot riding, and yes i did get it it 5min. I learned how to uni in like 45min. Im a fast learner

Is the WW step really necessary to get to gliding? I can ride with 1 foot but not WW yet, and I want to glide now! :smiley:

It pretty much is necessary, because if you can glide before you know how to wheel walk one footed, then you will know how to wheel walk one footed now. gliding is pretty much one footed wheel walking, just not moving your foot.

Any tips on 1 footww?I know all i have to do is practice,but freestyle is boring for me,i cant stick with it.Maybe i just need to practice more.

tips: keep your back straight. i kept bending forward, and i think this was one of my downfalls.


Gliding is a lot of fun! I have recently(in the past couple months) learned myself. The only tips I would have for 1 foot wheel walking is that it is easier on a flat frame with a wider tire. It took me a while to learn 1 footed wheel walking and then from there it is experimenting with pressure and the right shoes.

thats awesome. i actually got in down in february. i kept having both feet touch the wheel and i could only have one. (i taught myself-so is it this way for everyone?)

Re: i can glide!