I can GLIDE!! (sort of...)

Well people, I can glide! I definitely haven’t mastered it, but do it I can! Here is a video for proof (last one in the gallery that says “My attempt to glide”): http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Freestyle-Pix-and-Movies

Congrads on gliding,The video dident work though.
You might to watch This. You have 4 threads on the first page alone

The vid works now, I just uploaded a new one that is smaller and it works ok. I can’t believe it, I just talked with Evan Byrne and he didn’t care at all that I could glide and of course said it was too easy to impress him. I told him I was working on backwards WW, and again, too easy. He’s really getting on my nerves, a few days ago he said that both of those skills were hard…

he’s being a jerk and he’s trying to get on your nerves. when you say you’ve mastered one footed stand up backwards gliding while juggling, he’ll say it’s too easy. just ignore the kid.

EDIT oh yeah, and the gliding was VERY impressive for your age. good job!! took me aaages to learn, you definitely learned faster than me. (:

Nice gliding! It took me awhile to get it down, but it’s definitely something fun to learn. Goodjob.

Hehe, very cool. I like your spirit, keep it up!

My spirit…you mean the way I act? If so, most people really like my happy and never mad sort of spirit. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Anyway, I just was watching it and noticed how it was really bright, and I checked the camera and the backlight was on. I’ll make a better vid today.

Keep practicing,dont stop.

it was super easy for me to learn,i picked it up in like 10 minutes,wereas 1foot ww took me like 6 months!

That’s it exactly. :wink:

Hey man, good video! Keep up the great work!!


i can’t wait until tyler hit puberty and gets all angsty and confused. it’ll be funny. i wonder what kinda threads he’ll start then.