I Can Finally Ride!!!!!

today after i static mounted i rode to the end of the street and back. its approximatly 1 half a mile. im so excited!

Nice job…Now your really one of us… Which could be a good or bad thing:P

good job

i remember when i did tht it feels good!

yah almost wet my pants when i realised i had gone that far…

First goal 100yds without UPD, then1/4 mile, then 1/2, then???
You’ll be amazed at how fast it happens once it starts.
Comgrats!! and keep rollin!

now just learn to free mount and your all set, you can ride where ever

congrats! Remember to always look ahead at something in the distance. It will help you out

You’re over the first big hurdle, now have some fun and learn some tricks!

hey also im kinda having trouble with turning what is the proper way to turn? also i can free mount or static mount what ever you wanna call it. so do you lean or what?

Just keep riding. The turning part will come. Everything gets better the more you ride.


Well done mate!
Time to hit the cycle-paths! :smiley:

nice job, soon you will be doing 6ft drops and 360’s.

Thats one more of us, and one less of them!

Rock on!

Starts chanting creepily One of us, One of us…etc.

good work! thats awesome! just keep going and everything will come to you