I can finally ride !!!

WooHoo! After 7 weeks and an estimated 40 hours I can finally ride. I was stuck forever at about 30 meters and today I did 2 100 meter rides back to back and the 2nd one I freemounted. I’m on cloud nine!! For being an older guy and someone who always considered himself ‘balance challenged,’ this is exciting. I need to work on my freemount more and a ‘graceful’ dismount before I consider myself level 1 but then I’m gonna reward myself with a better uni than my 20" Torker. Many thanks to those of you who provided words of encouragement here and thanks to all of you for making this my favorite website.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

congratulations! we all know exactly what u mean…we’ve all been on that cloud 9 before. you are officially hooked on unicycling for the rest of your life. just wanted to let you know what you’re in for.



You are hooked on Unicycling.

You say you will buy a new uni that is an upgrade to your curent one?

If you can afford it, soon you will have an arsnal of unis.

I am 19 and have actually turned down dates with girls several times because I want to spend all of my money on my unicycling habbit. I even skip meals to save money. I am considering selling my soul to the devil for a KH 20".

You will forever look back on this time as a turning point in your life. A unicycle is more than a wheel. It is a rocket to send you to the heavens. With this new tool, you will soar through adventures wonderful and known to few.

All doors that lead to great things have suddenly been thrown open. The first one is the one you will hobble through. Then you will ride confidently, then hop, one foot, and ride through backwards. Unlike a great adventure story, the adventures will never end. Every day you will reach a new climax.

Good luck my friend.

Re: I can finally ride !!!

Underdog-- Congratulations! Like you, I struggled for some 38 hours
(over a period of 15 weeks) to finally feel the exhileration of
soloing on my stealth Torker. The euphoria rivaled that of other
dusty, distant memories, like learning to write my full name for the
first time, or finally succeeding at the task tying my shoes. The
dogged persistence and the repeated failure made my ‘uni’ success,
when it finally occurred, so much sweeter. At age 51, I again
experienced that all-to-infrequent revelation of pure childlike joy!
And to celebrate my soloing, I purchased a beautiful black Yuni 29er,
complete with water bottle holder, Cateye computer, and Schwalbe Big
Apple tire. Kudos, Underdog! --carl

Congratulations SUPERdog, you are now one of us. --chirokid–

This actually made me tear up.

Reminds me of my first beer…