I can crankflip



woo im chuffed

how many people in the UK can crankflip


any more?

Sweeeet man. Awww, I cant believe you got it. That is so good. I can almost double flip and your technique looks good so, go for them :stuck_out_tongue:


those look like half flips to me(wgich btw is still way better than what i can do.) could you post a slo-mo vid of the flip…that would clarify

there not half flips… my cam is rubbish but there not half flips
llook where my foot leaves and lands on the peddles then tell me there not full flips :smiley:

opps i said a swear

i just said they look like half flips…i never said they were. and its still great that you can do them.

They are full flips, I could see how you could mistake them but they were full. Definatly full, nice work Dale.


okdoky ill calm down now calm dale

Yeh that is quality, already bigged you up on msn but I will say it publically that is well good, well done

ok my bad…they are full. but your right…your camera doest fully capture the beauty of the flip. you shoud get a new one!lol great job.

camera looks fine, angle isnt too great. its easier to tell if it flips full if it is a side angle.

anyways nice job on the flip. how can consistent can you get them?

well i cant get them all the time

i did 2 down a curb, but when i tryed the 3rd i fell off backwards

theres a 2 set down the road thats calling my name that will be next :smiley:

I like the extra danger factor with the fast moving cars going by where you’re doing the trick, nice job with the flips.

yeah i live on a main road ive fell into the bike lane a few times :smiley:

nice work, did it take u long to get the hang of them? It’s a fairly minimalist technique you have but it looks good. Like the other guy said, now you gotta go for doubles!

doubbles can wait for now :stuck_out_tongue:

its mminimalist bad?? or was it just a statment

glad you all like them :smiley:

Na, you kind of expect that from someone who’s only just started flipping. As long as it’s not a sketchy landing and you’re gettn your feet back to the pedals nice and solid then it looks good.

well done,

yeh side on camera, and the file size lower. its a wmv and its taking ages!

wow dude you make them look so easy… good job