i can bc....kinda?

ive only been at it since yesterday. but i made a short little video. i cant get it to stop rubbing up against my shins-its pretty hard for me. anyways, enjoy.

bc bs

Nice, you are making progress :slight_smile: I have a problem with it rubbing my legs too. Just bow your legs (I know it sounds easier than it is).
Good luck

your doing much better than i am. I just made a BC, but my plates are awful, they’re only 2’’ wide and 4’’ long.

Good luck!

I ride 2" wide 3" long and i can 180, half/half, grind ledges/rails, and hop 25". Its all waht you are use to.

no way I thought u hoped like 30 something inches on ur bc

I have done 30" a few times, i deffinatly cant do it now. i might be able to do it with some practice.

I rub my legs too when I’m riding my bc, but I fortunately have a pair of 661 legarmor. :wink:

i did too. but then i lost one of my guards so i wear a 661, a soccer guard, and a knee pad. all just kinda wrapped around my leg.:frowning: