I callout...

anybody. I have my vid done, so if you are almost done with a vid and interested and would rather do a callout than just realease a vid, than pm me. thanks.

Call out Lucas Wintercrane

cannot wait to see your movie, with all your new tricks.
Im just workin on coasting, so i havnt gone past doubles right now.

does’nt he(Lucas) want to callout Kaori? I’d be up for it if he did’nt though.

you call him out, he calls Kaori out, Kaori calls…

Don’t we have to post our vids at the same time?

Oh maybe… I’m not sure how it works. :o

You can call out whoever you want though.

I think the initial idea was to force someone to get up and ride and make a vid, or at least that was shauns idea, but then theres the other reason of just a bit of friendly fun competition.
OK im up for it, bring it on sunny, give me a couple of days though, because i do have a cracked patella(knee cap) so i may use a mix of some newish unreleased footage and some new footage

actaully if you want to call me out you will have to wait atleast a week i would have thought because i broke my seatbase the other day so have to order another one.

:smiley: ok let’s go , i call out you
our call out video

Insane Skills!!

Thanks for the laugh:D

(That was a joke, right?.. Sorry if its not:o )

HaHaHa!! Good one, I like that:D

haha:P yes, i think its a joke, cause normally the french riders kick ass

haha , yes it’s a joke , but if i could call out some one with it , it’s ok:D

are you afraid to loose ?:smiley: :sunglasses:

Yes, very much so. That unispin on the ground near the end was intense! I had to hold my breath.

And I liked the intro a lot.

hahhahahahahhha!! That was great.