I built my own wheel!

I decided I’d try to build my own wheel yesterday. With the help of this site, some trial and error, and some common sense, I did it! I was expecting it to be very hard, but the lacing was a breeze, and the initial truing was no problem.

For a truing stand I just put my frame upside down in a vice. After about 15 minutes of tightening and loosening spokes, I had less than 2mm lateral slop and less than 1mm vertical slop. For my first time trying this, I was happy.

I threw a slick tire on there and put the whole thing in my old Torker frame (I finally found a use for that POS). With a 2 and an eighth inch tire in there, 2mm lateral slop is too much. I had to sit for about 20 foul-mouthed minutes getting the rim PERFECTLY true.

I did get it, though :slight_smile:

There is effectively NO tire clearance. The picture is decieving, but just the very ends of the tire nubs are hitting the frame. It makes a very quiet sound while riding, and there are no high spots in the rim that rub extra on the frame.

I put a few miles on it, and it rides great! A little bit of truing was necessary after the first mile or so, but now the wheel is solid, even after a little jumping around. I’m very proud of myself :slight_smile:


good job…

more people sould save there money and build their own wheels…its a great feeling of accomplishment and its gets better and easier every time. some folks think its like rocket science but as long as you got the right lenth spokes and some time on hand its totaly possible for everyone to build their own… especialy unicycle wheels!

you rock Dave!

Good Job!!!

I aggree with jagur 100%. Wheels are easy to build with a little practice and riding a wheel that you built yourself is the best feeling.


Thanks guys! It is a GREAT feeling riding on your own wheel, and much better than having a bike shop do it for $30 plus the wait. That wheel took me two hours tops, lacing and all the truing.

Today I laced up a bike hub to a 20" rim for a BC Wheel, but (somehow) was short two nipples. Took me less than 20 minutes, but still needs finished and trued. I can’t believe I ever payed to have this done!


Great job. May you be an inspiration to other riders. It really isn’t that hard. You take your time and the worse that can happen is that it takes you a little bit longer. The best thing is that you learn something and never have to depend on the mechanic at the LBS ever again. One more time, Great job.

is that a GB4 reeder handle on a KH seat?
i didn’t know you could do that, i have been reading to see but no where does it say you can.

Nice job Dave! Are you going to ride your new wheel for the 25 miler on Thursday?


Nothin’ quite like your first wheel. Nice!

It’s probably just a Fusion cover. You need carbon fiber or a steel stiffener. Or You can use a Viscount steel base.

Absolutely. There’s 150mm cranks on this one, as opposed to the 170’s on my Muni.

Yep, pdc is right. I have one of the prototype KH stiffeners from George Barnes. To get the handle to sit right you have to grind down those two little ridges of plastic that run along the length of the seat base.

U-Turn - Thanks!