i built my own bc!!!

i just finished building my bc wheel, it has a tire of the front wheel of my old bmx b*ke and it looks awsome!! i just put the pegs i had on the front tires but i didnt tighten them all the way, it is looking really bad, because the axle can move freely in and out of the axle housing type thing so it probably wont work good but im saving money for a torker lx and a bc wheel, and if someone has an old bc wheel they could sell me for cheap then please pm me!
i will post pics if i every take any, thanks to anyone who responds

That sounds pretty cool, except really hard to ride, and maybe a little dangerous. Be carefull, and good luck riding it. I want to get a BC some day, but for now I can just work on coasting on my unicycle. :slight_smile:

it was near impossible to ride but a ton of fun, and very very dangerous! after only 5 min. of riding i bent the axle though, but i am definatly getting a bc wheel very very soon.

A friend of mine made a BC wheel like this, with pegs instead of drop plates & I can’t get the hang of it. How much easier are drop plates when compared to pegs on a bc?


well, the thing is, i think the ones with the pegs are harder because you are DIRECTLY on the axle/ pivot point of your balance. you don’t have as big of a “balance envelope” on the peg ones as you do on the platform ones. on the platforms, you are slightly BELOW the axle, which i think gives you a bigger, even if only slightly, balance envelope.

the pegs spin under your feet too, i made wood plates that i got a couple of tries out of, it was a lot easier


My friend tried one with pegs, and we found it impossible to ride. I made one with the drop plates and it was MUCH easier. It leaves some bad skins and bruises on the inside of your legs though…