I broke my rim! ???

can you guys tell me waht to get? it is a 48 hole rim but i dont want to get the same kind…i want somthing drilled but dont want to spend money on a whole new wheelset. :thinking:

What uni do you have? I say get this if you can http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1094 it is one of the best wheel sets out there and at an awesome price. YOu can get the cranks of your choice and more people are going to isis! I say be done with your problem now instead of getting a new rim paying for it to get built and hlah blah blah. With the cost of the rim, shipping, spokes and building it will probably very close just this wheel set.

hey, i can’t quite tell wether your uni is 24" or 20" from your avatar, but I suggest getting a KH 07 wheel from darren bedford.

its a 24… bummer.

how do i talkto darren bedford?


shipping is about the same as from unicycle.com/

Wait you broke an alex rim?


Crazy maybe the 24’s are weaker than the 19" trials. I went off repeat 4-5ft drops with low pressure and really smacked rim with no flat spots and I weight about 175-185. How did you break it?

i did about a 7 foot drop. (first one ever!!!) i was messing up and about the third try i got it… but around that time i realized somthing was wrong… and i cracked it…

cracked what? Did you land on the rim sideways or what?

ill post a pic…

i know it doesnt look that bad but i took the pic with my phone…sorry.

I see is that where the two halves of the rim meet?

Well I can barely see the rim in that picture but it looks like that is just the seam.

no. the seam it like 4 inches over…

If I am correct, you’re a light guy, around 110-130 pounds, if I remember your videos correctly.

You should just get another Alex DX32, and run higher pressure… or take it to a bike shop, they can most likely fix that.

i didnt really like that rim though…

You really have no other choice… 48 Spokes…

24" Rims in 48 Spoke are pretty much non-existent from all the countless hours I spend looking at bike parts online wishing I could afford them.

What’s not to like about the DX32? It’s one of the strongest rims there is.

ive been wanting a drilled rim…