I broke my Kinport handle

A couple of weeks ago I was out riding around on my summit 20". It has a Viscount saddle that I’ve attached a UHMW Kinport handle (well it was a prototype or something that I won at MMF2003).

Anyway, I landed a small rolling hop poorly and came down pretty hard on the saddle. The handle just snapped in two. Has anyone else broken the SH/Kinport handle?


Nice. Where on the handle did it snap?

It broke behind the back of the handle opening. Two vertical cracks on either side from the top to the bottom. The handle opening is intact.

Tonight I’ll take a picture and post it.

I suspect that the production versions are less vulnerable to the type of failure I experienced.


Ya I’v Broken A ton of those Steave Howard Handles, They Always Break in the same spot!


I have had a nut pull through the Kinport handle. I haven’t yet managed to break a Kinport handle clean off the saddle.

I now use either large washers under the handle to reinforce it, or the GB4 Handle Reinforcement Plate to reinforce the handle. These two solutions will keep the nuts and bolts from ripping through the handle.

I’m not sure where your handle broke. If it broke around the bolt holes then maybe a GB4 handle plate would have helped keep it in one piece.

I sure would like to see one of those busted handles. If I knew where the handle breaks I might be able to strengthen it in that spot for the next batch.


I think I know the spot. If so, that’s how I used to break miyata handles.


These pictures show where my handle broke.

I wonder if UHMW plastics can be glued?


I’ve been using a plastic miyata seat base and a kinport handle for ever, and haven’t had any problems.


sadly, my kinport has 2 cracks on either side (where there is grooves to fit along the seat base) so when you put force on it, well…lets just say you could probably flex it a full 90 degrees downward. I’m guessing I may have did something when I was attaching it to the seat base…not sure thought. I just bought a new one and there is nothing more relieving then having a solid handle.