I Broke My Kh Crank!!!!!!!!!

how many of you are waiting to see that?

im sorry i had to do that

hope i didnt give anyone a heart attack

I have bend my right KH crank :frowning:


john-glazer’s crank is extremely bent…but still not buh-roken

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: will you never do that again. I have a KH 20 inch Trial

So it is really bad for my heart. I always check this forum and if I see something with KH and broken :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: .

So pleace dont do that again. This isn’t a nice joke:p


2 weeks ago there was a unicycle-convention in Germany where we bent 4 cranks. We never had real problems with kh-cranks before, but now we damaged 4 of them :frowning:
Paul, a guy from Germany, also managed it to brake his carbon fibre seat base…



Ruhrpott Unitrials

Hmm- it seems that nothing is indestructable yet- all the strongest designs out there have now bent or broken.

Has anyone bent the axle, or is that still standing up OK?


hey kris.
ive been riding the KH hub and cranks for about a year and a half, and mine are holding up great so far. ive been putting them through a fair amount of abuse with 10 sets and big rails. im hoping they will hold up for a while still.

see ya, Kevin


Thats true. I think that no one can build a indestructable unicycle - everything will be damaged some day. 2 years ago, I was impressed if someone did a 6-foot-drop, now you see lots of them at nearly every convention.

No. The axles are ok, even if the cranks are bent.



Ruhrpott Unitrials

It sounds like the cranks are bending before the axle can sustain damage, like a safety valve that blows so the entire thing doesn’t self-destruct.

I’ve bent my KH hub a tiny bit. It’s so little that you can’t feel it nor see it if you’re not looking for it, but I did notice it one day.


do the arms bend regularly, i just picked up a kh and was hoping not to have that problem anymore. :thinking:

Hey, I’m curious. After going to the muni weekend and seeing Ryan’s trashed profiles on his trials uni, I wanna know why we don’t hear about you breaking your cranks all the time. I know you have really good technique, but I’d think a couple of failed 14’ drops would be rather harsh to your cranks, especially 170s. What makes your equipment last so very long? Or, do you just never say anything?


At least the KH cranks only bend rather than breaking in half like my Profile crank did. :slight_smile:

will the kh cranks at least take more abuse before bending?

I used to have a lot of problems but not lately. Partly this is because I am better at landing drops than I used to be. Also because I’ve worn out several pairs of Profiles and other older hubs I have a sense for the amount of force required to break them.

Mainly though I have lost motivation to do big drops (like over 6 feet) to flat hard ground- I basically never do them anymore because they’re all the same- pretty boring if you ask me.

If there’s any kind of transition, then you can do really big drops with very little force on the hub- an 8 footer to a good transition is less descructive than a badly landed 3 foot drop to flat ground.

I do wear them out though- usually at least one pair of Profiles per year, because they get really squeeky. The KH cranks are standing up better this way because of the pinch spline design.

Has anyone broken a pair of Profiles or KH cranks riding natural terrain, or are most of these problems related to urban riding? Definately big drops to flat concrete is probably the worst thing you could do to cranks/hubs.


I don’t have a KH, but I’m pretty sure that they will take more abuse than most people dish out. The cases being talked about here are pretty extreme cases. (We’re talking hardcore tirals and MUni).
To anyone else: Will KH cranks survive better than any non-splined cranks?

I don’t drop over 6’ at all, and if I can I avoid even 32" drops to flat. I much prefer to ride a hard line or land a big up. I agree about the boredom factor. Something better be pretty fun in order for me to sacrafice my hub and crankset to do it. 3 footers are fun on a muni ride with good transition, though (I’ve been around Mike Middleton a lot). They’re always so smoooooth:) and soft landings, while a 2’ drop to cement is harsh, even at such a small height.

I believe John Childs broke his profile crank on natural terrain, but I’m not sure.

As for KH strength, I don’t ride them, but I know the cranks are nearly unbreakable if you’re not doing monster drops (especially to flat) or running over them with cars.

It was on a small hop.

I ride mostly natural terrain on my muni. The urban terrain I ride with the muni is things like rolling down 5 or 6 stairs, 2.5 foot drops to flat from a small loading dock, and other small things. I’m hardly extreme when it comes to big jumps or big drops. My biggest drop is about 4 feet to flat dirt and that is very very rarely. My “extreme” abuse comes mostly from pedaling hard and having fun on the small things that are on the trail. Oh, and I lost my muni over a cliff in Moab.

I was literally “just riding along” (JRA) when the crank broke. :slight_smile: