I broke it again

Maybe a month ago I was out on a muni ride and rode into a rock and was propelled forward onto my bent right arm, fracturing the right radial head. No cast because I would’ve had to get a new one put on every couple of weeks because leaving a cast on the elbow for an extended period of time would allow me to lose the mobility forever. After a couple of weeks I decided to start muniing again and just being careful with my arm. Everything was fine until yesterday. Being my birthday and all I wanted to go on a group muni ride with my friends. It was about 15 minutes until dark and I really wanted to get one last trail run in before the day was done. I had done this trail a couple of days before with a great deal of success so I wasn’t worried about injury. I was still rushing myself through it, I didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of it in the dark. As I was approaching the first little hill I sped up and hit the very bottom of the incline, wheel popped up off the ground, cranks spun half a turn in the air and I went flying forward like superman. Pretty cool looking when I look back at it. Needless to say I jumped up clutching my arm and cursing the world. My arm hurts pretty much in the same place as the last time this happened and because I have no insurance or money for that matter I will not be getting x-rays because I know that it’s at least fractured and all they’re gonna tell me is that I need to stay off the wheel and not to do anything strenuous with my arm. Which also is not gonna happen because I am an overnight stock person at Target. Happy f%#$ing birthday to me, huh?!?


Before anyone asks I was wearing my Roach arm pads. I don’t wear the leg armour because the only way I fall is on my arms. I have never once, not even in the learning process did any damage to my shins or calves.


Sorry to hear it tex. I know how bad broken arms can be (Ive had 8 of them) but have never heard of not being able to put it in a cast. I even broke my radius at the elbow body surfing one time. I got a cast to my upper arm, I guess I take being youthfull for granted sometimes.

I wish you the best with your arm, take it easy for a good 4 weeks if you can.


Another fracture?

Sorry for your fracture but happy birthday anyway.
I wish your full recovery soon.

Hey AJ, that’s too bad. Was it at Walnut Creek? Seems like those trails have a lot of minor ruts and bumps that are hard to spot. Then when you least expect it – boom you hit one.

Say it isn’t so, AJ!
I was looking forward to you getting healed up so we could all get together for a ride again. This time, take a little longer to heal before riding. Easy for me to say, I hurt my knee a little over a week ago but have been pushing it a little also.

Good luck.


Re: I broke it again

i can appreciate the money problems but i can’t help but suggest u find some way to get some medical attention to that

u dont want to become lefthanded one day do u?

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Why not? All the best people are… :slight_smile:


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I’ll have to agree with you on that one.

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i c your point