I bought one of these!

Well, what can I say?

It’s rainy season here now, so, if the humidity weren’t enough to make me want to stay inside, the on again, off again drizzling to pouring-down is…

… so, I got one of these so I can pedal indoors in cool, air-conditioned comfort while browsing the spam bin!

See the full description here .

I really wanted the blue model, but the wait was too long, so I took the white one, because that’s what they had in stock.

Just the thing to maintain my aerobic level in a reduced-sweat environment while I catch up on all those movies I’ve downloaded from Kazaa.

The stock saddle seems OK for now… I’ll probably switch over to my gel-filled Miyata, though.

Unfortunately, there’s no resistance on the back-stroke, so, it doesn’t help with idling or riding backwards…

…but wait!

If I stand up and turn around and remount… back-peddling training!

Can’t hop or pedal-grab, or do stairs, though!



Re: I bought one of these!

You missed out the word “yet”!


Oops! OK…

Can’t hop or pedal-grab, or do stairs on this mu-cycle* yet, though!


  • “mu” {moo} = ____-less … (ergo: “wheel-less”)

Ha! I’m a MU-er!

Wow. Its kind of pointless… but also fairly hilarious at the same time :smiley:

Oh, and why have u been being crazy in the spammity spam bin?

1 - 1 = 0

Hey, you’ve lost a wheel! Now you have none!



Apparently, since you need to ask, that’s been just as “pointless”.

Actually, it’s sort of gratifying, in a nihilistic way…

I get this visceral sense of going “nowhere”…


Deja vu!

Man do I know what you mean about Humidity and Rain. I look forward to the rain so I can get relief from the Humidity!:smiley:

You might want to put an air saddle on that bad boy if you plan ontraining for distance.:wink:

Hey dude,
Where’s your any wheel? :smiley:

It looks like a unicycle seat. Same as any unicycle seat you’re familiar with?

Well acording to my definition of pointless (i.e. hilarious), yes, it has :slight_smile:

Yes, John, it is a unicycle seat, with front and rear hard plastic “bumpers” (not that anyones’s likely to drop this thing in a UPD!), but it’s kinda small.
Looks like the no-name ones that are on the cheap unicycles with plastic 16" wheels sold here for elementary kids. OK for a kid, I guess.

It actually has a brand name molded into the underside of the rear bumper, a very stylized logo that reads “Loventa” with a graphic of what looks like a paper airplane at the end of the name. Ever heard of it?

I’ve switched over to my gel-adapted Miyata, which is much more comfy!

Nope. But I have heard of the many brands of Taiwanese/Chinese unicycles that have invaded Japan over the years, hurting the former dominance of Miyata. Years ago, Miyatas were everywhere. Now I hear they are mostly only used by the hardcore and serious riders, similar to this country. Good for the elite riders, but bad for Miyata, and bad for the JUA, which I believe is tied in with Miyata marketing.