I bought my uni!!

A while ach uni to buy…
while i chose the cheapest £40 one off ebay and soo far so good!!
the seat is the only thing beggining to wear, its starting to warp in different places due to where ive landed on it.

so far i can ride it (i learnt within 3days )
i can do skip hops and hops around on the spat as well as one eighties and getting up and down curbs, and ive got up the steps one after another and been able to ride away instead of just bailing.
i can ride backwards for a while then go forwards again
and i can trackstand…

what should i lean next? im all out of ideas! (oh and i can bunny hop but not tall as i dont have much bouncts only a 1.25 and its a kenda kontact… so do your own maths lol.

Whats a trackstand?

just staying still, sorry carried that over from bike trials whats the correct unicycle term?

Stand still, or idle if you rolling back and forth…

you should start jumping on stuff to improve your height or start learning tricks like crankflips or unispins

I usually just call it stalling.

You’re an incredibly quick learned, probably took me a few months to get to the stage you’re at, and I still can’t ride backwards. At this stage, you should decide if you want to narrow down to focusing on a specific type of riding, or just try everything. You could work on one-footing, wheel walking, increasing hop height, unispins, crankflips, whatever, really.

well ive been going for the hieght thing alot, but my unis not up for much and ive also done a couple of 1ft drops on it for now i want to try and do unispins as they look very good

did you do BMX flatland or Bike trials?

your doing amazingly well.