I bought my first pair of cycling shoes

Actually, they were so cheap I bought two pairs of shoes.

I’ve been wearing running shoes while unicycling, but starting next week my feet will be sporting Teva Pinners (the Link’s poor country cousin): http://www.jensonusa.com/Sale/Mens-Footwear/Teva-Pinner-Shoes-2012-Model

If the shoes don’t get the job done on the pedals, at least they should be comfortable enough to wear the rest of the day.

I’m always confused by cycling shoes, the soles look too flat to me… I love my Skate shoes but I couldn’t ever wear them for uni/bicycling as I like having a bit of a heel to ‘lock’ onto my pedal :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell us how they go though, and hopefully prove me wrong :smiley:

To me, the problem with wearing shoes with heels while unicycling is that they tend to catch on the pedal if you go down, and can turn a “run-it-out” UPD into a full “crash-and-burn.” But as always, everyone’s experience is different. I’ve seen others comment that they prefer having a heel to “lock in.” But for me, flat bottom is best.

I like to ride with my forefoot on the pedal. It seems to give me more control. But if I ever rode with a heeled shoe, maybe I’d change my mind.


Nowadays, I look for a riding shoe without laces, or one with a velcro or other cover over the laces.

But that rush of a shoelace pulling tight around a pedal is quite thrilling when it happens.