I amost got killed

I allmost got killed! I was out riding on my street just now I was practing body verals(with a tire plant between the 2 90 degree turns) for a good 2 hrs. I Have a faild attempt, turn around to mount. I see head lights In my face and the cars not slowing down! I hauld butt over to the grass. The guy then! stops! AFTER IM IN THE GRASS! and tells me I should have been wearing wight! Oh the nerve he has came dame close to killing a kid and tells him to ware wight! Ill tell you more about it when I get back.

thats messed up, if he was right there he should have been able to see you easily…but I guess if it was at night he had a bit of a point. but still…

Wow, I never practice a trick for 2 hours straight…
Wait a sec, were you in the street in the dark wearing dark colors or did I miss something?


The driver was excited, cause he could have killed a kid! The accident would have ruined his whole day.

Let it go. Be sure that the car will see ya, for your own good.

so wear white.

or hey, don’t practice in the street.

or hey, pay attention to what’s going on around you.

he wasn’t angry because ‘he could see you clearly’

Had he killed you, being an american, he would have been sued by your parents because their kid was being an idiot.

you’ll see, once you’re old enough to drive, that even being vigilant while you are driving isn’t always enough. and…people aren’t always being vigilant. get off the street if you are screwing around, that’s where cars go

it is hard to see in the dark because a while ago i was out riding and there were sstreet lights and it was still hard to even see my unicycyle and I was riding it.

actualy I told my dad first thing he said was I deserved it.

My mom was permently scared by have in improper procedure done on her arm. That A) was not soposed to be done so soon after the wond was heald B) was not EVER to be done by an assent. No law suit.

Yes it was dark out and I sould have been wearing wight, but I was under a street light.

Good stuff, sorry to sound harsh, but you have to look at it from the driver’s point of view. always

very ture, I will admite that should have been waring wight.
PS The other post is 99% Ture except maybe the Very First Thing he said whas when did this happen
PSS I forgot to add so you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!

yea i almost got hit yesterday to. comes with the territory of practicing wherever you want. i ride wherever i want and will always do that. if i were you, i would have gotten the guys license plate, went around the hood and looked for his car, and then rang his door beel and asked to chat with him. i do that when bratty kids say something to me…lol i follow them to there house and tell on 'em. its great they get yelled at. peace cliffy

Call my paranoid, but I wear something orange in the woods all year. I was shot at once off season when I was a kid on the back 40. Never found out who did it, but the tree I was by was sprayed pretty well. Dead by a poacher is the same as dead by a permitted hunter during season.

It’s just best to err on the side of caution when it comes to lethal risks. Wear WHITE, I’m not certain wearing wight will do you any good.

For your reference:

Main Entry: wight
Pronunciation: wt, usu -d.+V
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
Etymology: Middle English wight, wiht creature, thing, from Old English wiht; akin to Old High German wiht creature, thing, Old Norse vættr creature, being, Gothic waihts thing, Old Slavic veti
1 : a living being : CREATURE, MAN <no patriarch he … but a withered, anxious, crabbed wight – Compton Mackenzie> <yonder a maid and her wight – Thomas Hardy> <one of those benighted wights – Normal Cousins> <any luckless wight … who gets his wife in bad with her boss – G.W.Johnson>
2 archaic : a preternatural being (as a fairy or witch) <protection against uncouth wights – William Morris>

I think we have a new champion…

…for the most misspellings in one paragraph!

Forgive me, redhead, if you’ve lost your fingers and you type by mashing the keyboard with your elbows… in that case, your typing skills are admirable. Nevertheless, I go cross-eyed trying to read your posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Until you become a driver, you really have no idea how hard it is to see things at night that don’t have lights on them. Even traffic cops forget this; I’ve seen them at dusk in black uniforms with black gloves on trying to manage traffic. This is a good way to get killed.

At night, even if you are dressed in reflective clothing, unless you are riding like a bike, with traffic, obeying traffic laws, with operating taillights and headlights, you are running a HIGH risk of being crushed by a car or truck.

Stay off the road at night unless you are acting like a car and lit up like a Christmas tree!

well, on the bright side, if you had been hit and not killed, i don’t think any jury anywhere would EVER buy the excuse, “your honor, i really didn’t see the kid and his unicycle sprawled out on the ground in front of my car.” omg, injury lawyers worldwide would line up on your doorstep to handle your case for you. but all kidding aside, we should all take the lesson here: wear helmets and don’t get hit by cars.

usually at night ill practice on a basketball vourse at a nearby schoolr, or parking lots, and if i am in a street, i always keep eys and ears open, i usally see the cars about 2 blocks away and go up on the diewalk to practice, once theya re gone, i get back into the street

I’m glad it wasn’t just me who was gnashing their teeth at the heinous misspellings in this thread… :slight_smile:


on my last post, my typing was pretty bad lol, thats what i get for eating a sandwhich in my right hand, type with my left, and not really paying attention to the typing, but that pb&j was so worth it =p

Reading it now makes me laugh at how bad i typed it, vourse, diewalk, lol, thats rich!..

Ok No Lie Today there was a bomb scare at my school!

yeah we had a bomb threat at my primary school once :smiley:

:smiley: I thought wight must be some American thingy that you wear to get seen in the dark.

Round here I think that if you are not a car but are on the road at night the onus is on you to be seen. I think a jury would be very sympathetic to a car driver if he ran you over, at least in Britain.

If I practice on my street (of 4 houses) in the dark I have small lights that I clip on my spokes, a front bike light and a back red light. Actually, thinking about it, there are laws about how much luminosity a bike has to have if ridden on the road at night. Which extends way past ‘wearing white’ (or wight). And I also move off the road if a car drives down the street, even if it’s only to turn round.

Keep safe.