I am Testing the 1st prototype Torker DX for 2010!!!!

I just want everybody to know that i am now currently testing the very first Torker DX for 2010. If you expected to see the same thing as the last 3 years then you thought wrong!!! we made a totally new design and style. Hopefully with this new uni we can change the overall outlook on Torker. we have officially moved up to ISIS hub, new crank style, new frame, and new street/trials saddle for the 20". the uni is a little over a LB lighter at minimum. I have increased my side hop at least 2 inches with it i believe, havn’t measured yet but i can feel the difference in the wieght doing spins and hops. Torker is now at a new level of building unicycles and i hope you all will give it a shot.

I will post pics really soon.

Haha! So the New torkers are really better than the old ones? cool. Waitin’ fo’ a picture now.

What happened to Torker 09? Or was that to amazing for anyone to even be able to ride?

the new one was being designed and worked on. we are still testing, so i don’t know when this will be out, and by now it would be considered a 2010 model.

Here is the new Protype i am currently testing. this is what you can expect the new DX to look like, with the exception of having nicer looking cranks and the real decals,lol. the cranks only look ugly because they are being tested, we had problems with the first pair but that problems seems to be solved so far, i am beating them has hard as i can right now and holding up good so far. I just wieghed it and if my scale is being accurate it is about 1.5lbs lighter. with the new frame, cranks, hub and saddle I believe we knocked off a fair amount of weight while hopefully keeping the same strength. I am really excited to be riding this new version and seems to have helped my riding for sure. Any Qs just ask.

If the frame can be brought in a bit more, and just a bit more of the nubs on the crown sanded down, it would be pretty nice.

The cranks remind me of profile cranks, but with no nub, which is nice.

Wow, very cool info. Good for Torker! And I think it’s hilarious that all that hype about the '09 Torker can now claimed to be true, if they skip that year and go straight to 2010! :smiley:

What is your connection with Torker?

I have been riding for Torker for just over 2 years now so i was very much involved in the designing of this new uni. i told them how i wanted the cranks, chose the frame, and I custom designed the saddle. I also of course agreed to the ISIS hub, seems that nowadays you can’t have a great uni without the ISIS,LOL. So now i am the first to get the opportunity to test this uni and beat it as hard as i can. i am hoping to get to bring it to a trials comp in Fresno or CMW or both if possible.

come to CWM. I really want to see it in person.

I really hope to be able to bring it to either the trials comp in Fresno or CMW or both if i can. Torker is going to have to help me a bit though, i can’t afford both, i will be lucky if i can afford one of the trips. but i plan on making to one of them. i really can’t wait to show other unicyclists.

Cranks with no nubs is awsome! On my 07(?) Torker Muni I hurt my ankles all the time on the nubs, plus the older cranks had no Q-factor. It looks cool like that, but the frame looks just a bit too wide.

Because the 09 torker was designed by ninja’s in a mountain fortress it came and went without anybody even noticing it was there…

but seriously now i have a few comments about the '10 torker. I’m not sure if it is really offering much. From the pics the frame looks ugly (not to mention the same as every other non KH/XTP frame ever made), your using a narrow outdated rim, the seat has too much curve in it, and overall it is still fairly weighty. Pretty much, torker looks like their trying to be nimbus, but not doing it as nearly as successfully. The only thing that might entice people about it is the cranks that might be good for street/flat (i don’t really know though because i’m a lame rider in those disciplines)

I think torker will struggle because the middle market is dominated by Nimbus and anyone who is really serious about it will pay that little bit extra to get a Koxx or KH. Maybe if they release them in bitching colour schemes they can make up for it.

I hope it turns out well though- the more competition and choice in the market place the better!



and a small question, why does that uni look not legit at all? It looks like its been bashed around for like 2 years, the frame has scrapes and stuff all over it, the paint is wearing off, and the cranks look like they’re rusting. Or is that just me?

and i’m agreeing with the seat being too curvy, i’d say build the seat exactly like a KH slim street saddle, or something like a koxx saddle that is like ultra thin.

Round crown frame instead of square, and i’d have to agree also with the part of wide rim, not narrow.

anyway, thats my opinion.

edit: dont just make it round crown, make the frame aluminum too.

+1, that would be awsome!

36 or 48 hole rim/hub? If it’s 48, I’d recommend you change it to 36 if you can.

This one is 48, we can see that there’s alot more spokes than a KH. Changing to a 36 spoke would be really good, it would make it even lighter :slight_smile:

They could just go to 32 and open up a world of rim choices. I could see this being good for Torker as they could possibly spec a nice rim at a lower production cost due to the shear numbers of 32 hole rims being made.


Great idea, 32 hole hub, 32 hole rim. That would be a world of win.

If the crown can be made to be like I’ve edited to be below on the left, it would be IDEAL. Don’t go round, but you need to bring down the part of the legs which extent beyond the top of the crown, and the crown needs to be a bit more narrow.

The problem with having such a wide crown with the extended legs poking up is that it will destroy the insides of peoples knees during seat out trials and failed unispins. I also highly recommend trying to get it with a WIDER rim and 36 spokes (or 32 possibly) instead of 48. These criticisms are all based on having ridden the current torker as well as much better unicycles for the past few years.

The Onza had a frame almost exactly like the one in your photo and it was knee death.

do you mean kneear death?

of course, no one kneeds to be knee deep in pain. Just keep all the kneecesary styling of a good frame, a kneext thing you know, it’ll be a top of the line uknee.

seriously, i aint just patellin you that.