my dad and mom are divorced ok and my dad ordered me some Kris Holms Shingaurds…but I haven’t been to his house in a while and they have been there for like 2-3 weeks I mean he could atleast drop them off at my moms house we don’t live that far away…and I worked them off it’s not like I am a lazy ass and I just get them because I want them…no, I worked for that shit and I fucking want to use them so bad.

next time, order it to your moms door. If it isn’t that far away, go and get them?

how old are you ? take a bus or something

Its a good excuse to go for a lil distance riding :wink:


I think taking a bus is “going and getting it” as said in my post. My freaking age had nothing to do with it.

so why don’t you go get them?

Hay hay chillax, read the message…He was agreeing with you bro, he was asking the originaly poster of this thread how old he was…advising him to take your advice and taking a bus is a possible solution…

Since he quoted me, I assumed that he was reffering to me.

Ah well.

I think it was a +1 kinda quote…

i like the way everyone is insulting the poor guy, come on there probs aint a bus, and its probably more complicated than that. mind you why he made a thread in RSU is a mistery to me…

I know to take a bus from my house to WSU, Maybe 10 Miles AT THE MAX, takes about 1:30. You could ride your bike there faster!

Dont complain that you cant have some shinguards…Just go get em yourself.

I know let’s all just say the same thing.

Just go get them yourself.

it was a +1 quote… :roll_eyes: