I am Now Unofficially Level 12!

That’s right! You know what you have to do to become level 11?
Well, today I did it backwards! Twice!

I’ve got it on tape, if anyone wants it(adults only).

Ok, I hope this is an april fools joke…

I want the tape I hope it is no April Joke ;).

In order to be a level 11 or 12, you must be a level 10 first! Unfortunately you can’t skip levels. :slight_smile: April Fools!

Hang on, what’s level 12?

He explained in the first post, it’s what you have to do to get level 11 but backwards. If you don’t know the requirement for level 11 and you’re over 16 i’ll PM you it.

Riding backwards? (Riding as in pedaling)

no a different riding i think

Level 11 is sex on a unicycle with someone else on a unicycle. Level 12 is…use your imagination.

ha and he has videos

I know what level 11 is, but I don’t understand what you mean by “going backwards”…

while riding backwards?

seager is level 10.5(no other person involved) unofficially though, because he’s maybe a level 4 regularly.

Bad news. We tried it again today and there was an accident and now my partner is in a coma. I can’t release the footage without her permission, so you guys will have to wait for a while.

I’d explain how backwards is done, but you really need a demonstration if you want to understand it and, as I said, no footage for now.

…April Fools?

No shit Sherlock

That was not very nice!

be nice to my friend