I am now addicted to Coker!

heh… i bet a few of you did a double take after reading the title!

I just discovered the awesome branch of unicycling that is cross country riding.

I did my first real ride today, instead of just riding up and down the street, i went all the way to the gym and back (a round trip distance of 4 miles.) It was totally sweet.
I look forward to training for some upcoming distance race of some kind or another. I really wish i’d discovered this earlier! it’s so fun flying down little bike trails, a total of 1.5 feet taller than you stand, still on one wheel!

OH yeah, distance riding is very fun. The farthest I rode is 28 miles in one single ride. Its so fun when you get that far and your like “look at me, Im on my uni way out here.” You never thought you would go as far as you did. I have never rode a coker though. The biggest wheel i have is my 26".

aahhh the coker, my favorite, welcome



get a coker Seth! there awesome, even I fit on them:)

I can’t wait to get mine.
It just seems so fun.
But I won’t be able to ride one until next spring.
Unless I take it to the YMCA and use a treadmill! HA, that would be a site.

It’s on my list Miles

Don’t worry, it’s just a topical analgesic :roll_eyes: .

Something you might need after a coker fall.

> Something you might need after a coker fall.

I had my most spectacular Coker fall yet a few days ago: grazes on my hip, chest and back (!) and a really huge nasty graze on my right arm where I fell most heavily. I also seemingly pulled a few muscles somehow and possibly aggravated an existing knee injury.

Ouch. Still, it looks impressive :slight_smile:

I think it demonstrates the need to wear decent pads, even though the Coker feels a bit like riding an armchair. Of course I was trying to top 17mph at the time, so that’s both part of the reason I fell of and part of the reason it hurt so much!

Once you do some nice offroad cokering, flying through the woods on singletrack stuff, and huge sandy decents and miny jumps to catch air off of, then cokering even becomes more addicting.

Love that quote! ha!

maybe i’ll get some singletrack shots for napoleon complex…

Welcome, I have been hooked since last year. I learned to ride in November 2004. I got the Coker in 2005 and put 1503 miles on it that summer. I am still riding it this summer.

I usually ride 15-35 miles a day. It is so much fun. I rode in a local organized bike ride. 550 bikes and ONE UNICYCLE!!! That is what the newspaper said. That was one of my best days. I passed up many of those people on two wheels.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I want a Coker but still can’t afford one, but I have ridden about 7 miles without a rest on my 20" CX with the Brick of a seat it came with :astonished: … BUT I WANT A COKER!!!

Wow that is impressive

I have recently gotten into cokering, I use my dad’s wheel and I really like it. It is very relaxing. The farthest I have gone so far is only five miles but I think I am going to go for a ride right now, maybe 8-10 miles, I’ll see how I feel.

Edit: Oh yeah, Welcome to Cokerdom abbabibble