I am not filming Ride The Lobster

The film grant from the Canadian Counil of the Arts was denied. You may recognize their logo from the film ‘the history of chairs’ :angry:

I will not be attending Ride The Lobster, nor will I likely be creating any more unicycling DVDs

I still have my camera, and I still intend on making ‘youtube’ videos for CanadianUnicycling.com but the 2 DVDs I have made previously at my own expense have landed me not only the job I have been looking for, but WAY better.

My efforts now seem to be shifting to 3d animation, and there is SO much there that I can explore. And the best part is…I actually MAKE MONEY from my efforts now! :slight_smile:

Shoot me a PM, copies of TWNR and Inner Balance are now $8 + shipping until they are gone.

I would like to thank everyone who has bought my stuff in the past, you have helped me land a job cooler than I could have imagined.

Aww, this is upsetting news, I was really looking forward to the RTL movie. I’m glad things are working out well for you in other areas but I was really looking forward to some new uni movies from you. Why put that wonderful new camera to waste?

On behalf of the unicycling community, I think this is one of the saddest bits of news I have seen. It’s such a shame that there won’t be a Lobster DVD, or indeed any more of your wonderful creations.

I know that what you have done so far has done wonders for the sport, and spurned many riders on to do things that they wouldn’t have even considered without seeing it in one of your films.

On a more personal level, however, congratulations on the new job, and may you enjoy making money from it for a long time :slight_smile:


That too bad

I’m sorry to hear the news.

Perhaps other Canadian busineses would back you or fund you for filming Ride the lobster. I’d hate to see someone like you miss out on filming this Canadian historic event.

I’d even donate $100.00 to help out.

This is a Canadian event thats kinda big to miss.

Brian this saddens me to hear. I was looking forward to seeing you guys with your wicked equipment.

I am not guaranteeing anything but I may have a RTL documentary in the works as well. The type that follows one team beginning with each individual teammate at their homes. If my project is greenlit by Ryerson film profs I will gather a production team of about 4 to film the whole race in a very fluid, off the cuff style.
They will follow the team the entire way with a Panasonic HVX 200 (HD) and a mounted K6 shotgun mic.
Even if the project was to get greenlit, I still am not sure who subject team would be. I am riding in the race, but am not sure exactly what take would be appropriate.

When I have more details I will post.

Sorry to hear again Brian.

Just pooping in here to say…
that sounds very good.

Maybe you could have sections where you meet the riders and have diary clips? Just an idea…

Absolutely essential James. I am brainstorming now. Basically I am wondering how much it will cost to get four (and which 4) people there and back and sustained for the whole time.
I also have to be weary of my target audience which obviously cannot be only all you uniliterate.


There must be hundreds of people out there willing to sponsor it, no?

You’d think so - it’s definitely the sort of phenomenon that i’d love to see on DVD…

It really is a shame you are not doing it Brian, because from what I’ve seen you are the right man for the Job. Hopefully you can suffice Levi :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure you should be weary of them, but perhaps wary is what you meant. :smiley:

Brian - so sorry you can’t make it.

Would the RTL job been in conflict with your new career, that is to say, too much vacation before you were eligible?

Hey Brian, That’s great news! Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what kind of things your creativity brings forth in your new endeavors. I am sure your contributions will be missed in the uni community, but the reality is you need to be concerned about feeding yourself and your family first. I will take a copy of Inner Balance. I have your first DVD. Send me a pm on how you want payment. -Chad

Aww… I was hoping to see you filming at RTL… But I guess you have your own priorities in your life that need taking care of. Thank you for your contributions to the community, and I hope that you get along well in your career. :slight_smile:

  • James

Aw, bummer. Congrats on the new job though. I’ve been very inspired by your work, both as a unicyclist and a wannabe film producer.

filming Ride The Lobster

As First Wheel in this event I am personally saddened by this news, and I haven’t even met Brian. We will keep the door open, however, if his new associates allow him to taste Nova Scotia for 5 days. Maybe they’ll let you see some of the 3D satellite image fly-throughs over Nova Scotia from AGRG.

For those interested in filming this event I suggest you contact Sherry Devanney of Mentor Pictures in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was hoping to share resources with Balance Productions. They can use all the video camera operators, interviewers, photographers and other support, etc.

The website is: http://www.mentorpictures.com/
The email is: devanney7@ns.sympatico.ca

You can share footage, expertise, gas, food, stories, text, photos, translations, etc.

Let her know about you and your interests.

Brian, we’d still like to see you here. If you cannot make it we’ll light a candle at “your” place at the dinner table – then eat your lobster.

Good luck, mate.

Edward Wedler

If Brian MacKenzie does not video record Ride the Lobster, will it actually have taken place?

Pas pour moi :frowning:

Hi guys…I have gotten a ton of incredible feedback from a lot of people.

You certainly know how to make a guy step back and rethink.

I think my biggest problem was putting too much into the film grant, and making a bigger and bigger production out of it based on the money I ‘was sure’ would be coming in from it.

As it stands now, I am still out. But I am currently re-working the possibility of making this a much smaller scale production…

The CEO of my company gets back on Friday, I will be giving them a proposal outlining the benefits of them funding the movie for their own advertising purposes, or at least ensuring I get that time off.

While my original intent was not to seek kind words or sell DVDs, but to legitimately back out, I have gotten some incredible PM’s and replies.

While this is not a plea to buy my movies, every $8 movie from yesterday on is going directly into my ‘I hope I can still film the event’ fund. (An extra special thanks to Kevin who bought 10 of each!!!)

It’s hard to imagine so many people I have never met bringing me back after I thought I had made up my mind!!

And don’t get me wrong…I have always wanted to be there, backing out was an awful feeling

Glad to hear you are trying to work things out, Brian.
I hope you do find a way to come!

How much for your glidecam? :stuck_out_tongue:

$9000, where do I ship it?

Ok. Now that your thinking of coming back I’ll take away the nice comments that I made earlier on the Canadian page and save them for the next time you decide to quit.

Hope it works out for you…and the rest of us.