I am MAD!

My unicycle hasn’t come yet!! I am soo freakin angry!!! I ordered it on monday and it still isn’t here!!!..so now I have to wait until monday or tuesday…I am soo pissed! and I havn’t unicycled in like 4 days now…b/c my unicycle is dumb! :angry:

this is such a productive post!

aaaaaaahhhh yeeeeeaaahhhhh stupid unicycle!!!


where did you order it from? where do you live? where is it getting shipped from? what way is it getting shipped? did you pay the extra 30-50 for overnight shipping? lol

just be patient, im gonna have to wait like a week to get my torker dx i just ordered, but it is worth the wait

My first unicycle took like, 2 weeks to get here…just be patient, UPS trucks can only drive so fast.

Don’t be so anxious…


Remember when mail order used to say “allow 4-6 weeks for delivery”?
It took 1.5 months for me to get my LX last year. It’s rare that anything I order gets here in less than a week - with 1.5-2 weeks being average, and I order a fair amount of stuff.

4 to 6 weeks! what were you ordering??

Harper’s Video Ipod?

BURN! Harper I offer you some aloe vera for that.

I accually ordered it in 1949 for $30.oo back then that was a lot though really compared to the new ones its a deal. I think. It said “Wait 1-3 quarter centurys.”.


It’s almost ready to ship but I’ve lost your bank account number, VISA number, expiration date, PIN and verification number. Could you PM those to me right away? I’ll give you a discount since that $30 is worth alot more now.


Im jonny

ur mad! it took me 2 months for mine to come in! I not lying either, and it was from UDC! I had like 1 month and a half before i had to go on a trip and i was going to bring my new KH 24" Muni because that was the highlight of the trip is unicycling, and the days and weeks flew by and no uni! I had to use my crappy… piece of crappy crap 20" and went on the trip. I was so mad i was thinking of getting my gun and shooting someone or somthing! But UDC said it was the hydraulic brake they were waiting for and they couldn’t ship it to me without it… they were very nice though. But oh man was i P-O’d

Usually takes about 2 days to get my equipment from Germany (municycle.com), 4 if I’m unlucky :smiley: I live in Holland mind, not that far from Germany, still… Roland rocks :stuck_out_tongue: