I am in Seattle, who wants to go for a ride?

I am in Seattle now and looking to meet up with some area riders. If you want to meet up, PM me with a way of contacting you. I will be able to check my email tomorrow afternoon, but I will not have internet access too much, so if you PM’d me a phone number to reach you at that would work best.

I would love to go for a ride or simply just meet up with some more people in the city for lunch/dinner/sight seeing. I have my coker with me, but I am game for all types of riding. I’ll be here for a couple days checking out the city via unicycle…hopefully sticking around for the north west uni meet, but I am not sure yet.

Hope to hear from some people!


Hi Siafirede,

I’d love to do some cokering with you in Seattle, but unfortunately, this just happened.

I’ve forwarded the link to this thread to our local Seattle Area Riders e-mail list, and I expect someone will make contact shortly. We have a hearty group of cokeurs here, as well as some good muni trails, trials at the famous Gasworks Park, etc. If you want to muni and don’t have one with, I can lend my Hunter, as I won’t be able to ride it for a week or two at least.

If nothing else, hope to meet you in North Bend. A bunch of us will be up there, and I’m going to watch even if I can’t ride. If you see someone with a Moab Mountain Unicycling tee shirt on, please introduce yourself.



Ouch! Sorry to hear about the accident. Thanks for forwarding the post though and hopefully I will see you at the north bend meet if I am around.


I think I can Coker for a couple hours Thursday evening. Check your PMs.

If you are around and looking to Coker Friday evening, I will be free after 4pm. My cell is: 612 968 6498

I’m also planning on going to the North Bend Uni Day. It should be a fun gathering, and John Childs and I are planning on doing some long distance unicycling during the day as well.


I met up with John Childs yesterday and we went on a fun coker ride around the city. Thanks to those that responded so quickly to my post! I think that I will be heading up to Vancouver tomorrow (Thurs) night or Friday morning, so I dont think I will have time to fit another coker ride in.

Thanks again to the replies, and I hope the north bend meeting will be fun. My friend is kind of anxious to push on ahead and get to some of the national parks in Canada and Montana that we have planned, so we will be leaving before the uni fest.


Have a fun time in Vancouver! I’m assuming that you have already connected up with some unicyclers there, but if not, I highly enourage you to do so. They are a fun group and love to do MUni and long distance riding.



I do after finals but im in southern CALI :smiley: