I am in need of a Muni for the California Muni Weekend

I live in Southern California so I can’t NOT go to the Upcoming California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, but because of work and things I am only going to be there on saturday.

My dillema is this. I have no muni, I only have a 24" miyata and a coker. I’ve sort of ridden trails before on the Miyata, but I feel like I ought to have a proper Muni, even if I do end up walking most of it.

Here are the options I’ve come up with and I’d liek some input/suggestions:

  1. Even though I can’t really afford it spend $300 a buy myself a dedicated muni, even though I don’t make it out to the trails very often.

  2. Turn my miyata into a make-shift muni, by replacing the tire, cranks, and pedals.

  3. Get some one to let me borrow one

I rode my Miyata for half of the first MUni Weekend. That’s because my “MUni” was an old Schwinn with a 26" wheel crammed into a frame that’s not quite big enough. The wheel fits fine when you’re not riding it, but as soon as you start pedaling hard, those old Schwinn frames would flex. The knobbies would rub the fork and you’d have what I called a “fart cycle.” My trusty old Miyata was way better.

But the Santa Barbara trails are supposed to be pretty hairy, so a wider tire/stronger setup would be more fun to ride. I always try to bring a backup cycle to these events (assuming I’m driving), so my old DM ATU will probably be there. It has a 2.4" tire and 150mm cranks.

How tall are you?

I am 6’3

Tall! Usually the problem fitting people to my unicycles is they are not tall enough. I’m sure my ATU could fit you. So what you get is a good, solid MUni to ride as long as my Wilder is working. If it breaks we still have a problem…

Just reviving my thread to make sure your offer is still on the table John.

Is it?

If Dan Heaton manages to find a car ride down there I could send my DM Vortex along with him. There should be enough seatpost in it to fit someone 6’3". It’s a 26x3 wheel with a Gazz.

I was acutally referring to John Foss since he’s already offered, thanks though

This is one of those situations best served by email. I haven’t been frequenting the forums much lately, but happened to check in tonight! I still plan on bringing my DM (ATU). It has a broken spoke or two flopping around on it, so I’ll have to get those out of there. Don’t worry, there are plenty left; it started with 48… :slight_smile:

I may also bring my carbon MUni, for no real reason.