I Am In A Unicycling Balck Hole !! Time Is Short Please Help


BACKGROUND STORY:(you don’t have to read this bit)

i bought a unicycle a few months ago.  i didn't know anything about unicycling and i don't know any unicyclists, so i was completely in the dark (this is the black hole i'm talking about).  i didn't get around to realy trying to learn to ride it until the last couple of weeks ... but in the last two weeks i feel in love with the idea of having nothin' but one wheel  :) 
i've been riding around a large parking lot and i'm doing great.  had the most trouble with my mounts but can get up and going about 50-75% of the time now.  not to bad for having basically no instruction (i think, hehehe).
thats all well and good but here's the problem...


the unicycle i have is cheap.  it is a 24" sun unicycle i bought new for about $60-70.  the seat and pedals are falling apart from all the falls i've taken.  and worse the seat was very uncomfortable in the first place (only a little cushion and the bumper thingy (i think thats what its called) is separating and digging into my thigh).
also i feel like i have to pedal really fast just to maintain a decent speed (the crank arms are 6 inches, i know this and wheel size are important).

EASY ANSWER (not really):

buy a new high quality unicycle.  


i don't know what unicycles companies are good or bad and where to buy them.  and i have a small budget ($250 max maybe $300 if its really worth it)
i think i want a unicycle with a much larger wheel so i can use it to get around like i would with a bike.


i am leaving for collage on thursday (not much time for delivery:( ).  i will be taking a unicycle with me. the question is which ?????? 
my 24" sun (buy new cranks, pedals, and SEAT(where can i order good ones??))
or new unicycle within my price range and with a larger wheel and shorter cranks (??)


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We don’t even know what sort of riding he’ll be doing yet :roll_eyes:
He might not even know what trials and MUni are.

i do know what trails and MUni are (i did my research;) ) and i’m not really interested in that …

more interested in road and just going fast

Get the biggest wheel with the shortest cranks that you can actually ride :smiley:

Maybe a coker and several progressive sets of crank arms?
(unless you’re already very good, then you can just jump right in)

…how long can you stillstand, for instance?

this one is $310 but the cheapest 29" (i think)

i have pretty good strong legs … i bike about 32-35 miles a day (cyclo-cross if you know what that is) so … what size cranks do you think i could use if i get a 29" wheel?? or is it a question of skill not strength??

Its both.

Id just start with 125s. If you are getting cotterless crankset, then going out to your bikeshop and buying a bigger or smaller size is going to be pretty cheap.

Either a 29" or 36" unicycle will be good. Good brands are Nimbus, Coker, KH, and Qu-ax.

Cyclo-cross, I wanted to get a cyclo-cross bike a while back but they are spendy. Its funny, cause to me, cyclo-cross is just the normal way to ride a bike (except for the races, getting off the bike and stuff. Dont like that part), but now its own category. =p

I recommend looking at unicycle.com and browse their selection. Post back with the unis that interest you, we will let you know how they work, how they can be made better and basically give you the go-ahead on making the purchase.


ya, i invested in LeMond’s cyclo-cross totally worth it :wink: its an awsome bike , smooth and light , what more could u want !

i’ll post again in a few hours i’m losing my internet connection :astonished:

Nice. If I have the extra chash, ill definitely buy one. Its so appealing to me. Or if I get lucky I can build one up and upgrade parts.

KH uni = cyclocross bike. If you plan to be speeding around offroad with some drops, bumps, and other basic muni terrain, id go with the KH or Nimbus with ISIS hub and upgraded to KH moment cranks. Either size, though the 29" will be more manageable.

If you dont plan to do much offroad stuff, then a cotterless build will still work perfectly. You can still take it offroad, but the chances of bending your cranks go up a little.

the best unicycle is Kris Holm… but it’s pretty expencive… but you’re looking for a big wheel. buy a 36" kh or a unicycle.com 36 (Which is cheaper) on my 29" i use 170mm cranks but i ride muni with it :roll_eyes: start with a 125 or something and when you feel you can controll your unicycle a lot get some shorter cranks… be carefull to see what cranks fits the different unicycles… for example: Koxx isis doesn’t fit all kris holm isis hubs etc… but there are some that does(from what i’ve heard, read and remember) it’s pretty wierd… just search around on the forum and have fun

if i’m getting multiple crank arm sets do i NEED a crank arm puller ??

No, you don’t NEED a crank arm puller. If you want to swap the cranks yourself you do(and it is a good tool to invest in), but most bike shops will change your cranks for you for free or for a minimal cost.

Given your budget and your desire for a fast unicycle, I’d recommend a 29er. I probably wouldn’t go shorter than 125mm cranks given that you’ve only been riding a short time. I find going short requires more experience than strength. You’ll likely find 125’s on a 29er challenging enough, but you should be up for it since you’re already athletic.

KH Unicycles are great, but the Nimbus hub is just as strong as the KH hub, and the moment cranks are awesome and strong, but total overkill for road riding. The KH frame is also awesome, but frames generally aren’t the weak part of road unicycles. Definitely get a uni with the KH Freeride saddle if you plan on doing distance riding.

If you plan on swapping crank arms, you really should have a crank puller.

I’d recommend this: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1064
Call and see if they can put on the KH Freeride (it’ll cost a little more, but worth it, although the stock Nimbus Gel saddle doesn’t suck).

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thanks so much guys

everyones been a big help

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You also need some grease if you’ll be swapping cranks. You don’t want to wear down parts needlessly.
Both can be obtained at the local bike store.


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