I am going to ride 6500 km across Europe!!!!!!

Hello my all unicyclingfriends!!!

My name is Jesper and a crazy unicycle rider. In the summer of 2011 I became the first to ride unicycle 2500 km across Sweden. I did this to inspire others to believe in their dreams.

Now it’s a new year and I have new dreams to realize. In June 2012 I going to start my trip across Europe. I am going to cycle on the unicycle from northern to southern Europe. This is a distance of 6500 km and the journey through nine different countries. I will have my friend Elin with me as riding a regular bike. Together we will raise money for some organisations.

Our hompage for the trip is http://www.unicyclingforlove.com/en OBS: There is some wrongs on the homepages now cous it googletranslated. During the time i am going to fix it.

I have some questions for u people

1: Do u want to join us on the trip some miles? U can see the route here

2: Do u have any ideas how I can improve the homepage?

3: Do u have any ideas where I can find sponsors?

4: Should i have a geared 36 unicycle or is it okey with nongeared? Now i have nongeared but i have thinked along time now if its better with gear.

5: Can u send me links and contacts to other people who have ride over 1000 km with a unicycle?

6: During my trip i going to raise money for organisations who fights bulling. In sweden whe have “Friends
Do u know if there are any similiar organisations in the other countries i am going to ride?

Thats was all for now:)

Have a nice day!


really nice project you’re planning there :slight_smile: This summer, I attempted to ride 1000 kilometers across Germany, unluckily, my knee began to hurt after 1/3 of the distance, due to the unfamiliar stress that comes with approx. 40 kilometers of distance and 2000 meters of elevation gain each day :o

I tried to find some sponsors, luckily, Roland from municycle.com gave me some spare parts(tubes, spokes, tool kit, etc.) and Jogi / Triton was so kind to lend me his geared 29" -> I recommend looking for sponsors in the unicycling community (like http://www.krisholm.com/khu/eob, but I think that’s too late for you, but there are some people listed who have rode some distance too), and maybe some functional clothes, nutritional power bar producers etc might sponsor you :D)

I’d really recommend getting a geared unicycle (29"?) for the ride if you’re planning to ride both distance and some mountains. I found it really handy to have the 29" for climbing (I’m too short for a regular 36") and the second gear really helped when the terrain let me use it (first time I rode a Schlumpf btw :p)

I’d really love to join you a day or two, but with the unicon on the way, I got no holidays left for 2012 :smiley:

Hi Jesper, nice trip you are planning. I wish I could join you for the whole tour, but I can’t with respect to other obligations (I have family and a job …). Nevertheless, together with three other mates we are planning to ride from my home to Unicon at Brixen. It’s “only” 650km and we plan to be through within a week. For details see here (it’s all German, but you can use Google Translate on that as well). So if your route is still flexible, and timing may fit, I would be happy to join forces. Besides the company of some really nice unicyclists for at least 10% of your tour, it brings you right to Unicon which will be the navel of unicycling in summer 2012. Currently we did not plan for free hugs, but I think we can do so. Taking into account the hygiene standards we will be exposed to on that tour, I have doubts there will be too many people willing to hug us anyway …

If other unicyclists want to join our ride to Unicon, I am happy to add you to the party. Just get in touch with me.

If you consider a geared hub I suggest that you contact Peter at http://unicycle.se to see if he has any in stock. (He might also know where you can find sponsors.) When I ordered the KH/Schlumpf hub it took a few months before Florian could deliver it but the situation may have changed now. It’s also good to get some practice before the tour, and let the cranks “settle in” (I had to tighten them very often in the beginning).

Regarding wheel size I would recommend a geared 36" since you get two useful gears that way, on a 29" the lower gear is mostly useless for distance riding except for very steep uphills. If you want to try a geared unicycle (29") and can make it to Stockholm, just contact me.

I can also highly recommend getting a handlebar if you don’t have one already, it allows you to take a bit of your weight from the seat and will increase the comfort in the long run. However, it also takes some time getting used to.

Good luck Jesper!

The trip looks great, and even bether you are passing my town. Apeldoorn in the Netherlands!

Dont know when your passing my city, but i would like to join you for some km;)

Very ambitious! I with you luck. Have you considered altering your course to pass through Brixen, Italy during Unicon XVI? It will probably be the largest gathering of unicyclists ever in history, so you will get a lot of attention from people who understand what it’s like to do long unicycle rides! And if you are raising money you might get a lot of donations there.

Having a Schlumpf will make a big difference for wear & tear on your knees, but you should spend some months to practice on it before starting your tour. Also, the risk of having the Schlumpf is if it breaks down. Generally they cannot be repaired “in the field”, so you may be stuck. Mine broke on the day of my century ride last year. I was able to finish the ride on a different unicycle, but for you, perhaps consider bringing a spare hub. Think of it as insurance. If you have it, I bet your Shlumpf will not break! You will just have some extra weight for 6500 km. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool project!
Let us know when you’re coming through Copenhagen!

What a project! Loking forward to get updates of the project! Good luck!

Very cool!
Unlucky you don`t pass from Italy…