I am going to be in santa barbra aug 13-18

I am going to be in santa barbra aug 13-18. anyone up for ride or 5. That’d be sick.

wheres santa barbara

bump. I know there are some of you SB guys out there, C’mon, Im gonna be there the 13-18, and I want to get in as many rides in as I can during that time. Let’s scedual some rides! Call me with ride info because it will be hard for me to get to a computer untill then.

Call me with ride info at (408) 712- 7968. Preferably after 7:20 pm, or before 10:15 am. Im up late so dont worry about calling late.

Go to sbuni.org and post to the email list. No one who does ride calls reads much RSU.

i joined the list, so i can recive emails, but how do i send them out?

PM sent. Just send an email to the address in the message.

call me
408 712 7968