I am back!

It had been at least 6 months since I last posted here. It is good to be back.
My Crappy Torker CX FINALLY BROKE after 1 year of good service.

I am now looking for a new unicycle- for intermediate riders
any suggestions?


Torker DX, my friend, '06 Torker DX.

thats 2 of us


Hey, welcomeback!

Try the Torker LX maybe, unless you want splined then uh… Torker DX?

OMG I havent posted here in almost a year! wow…
anyhow- holy crap
I looked at the redesigned DX and I am super impressed
I can remember people on this board totally hating torker uni’s
but now that I look at the new ones- they look way better- not to mention quality xD