i am an idiot.

hey people
on friday i tried to ride down a steep hill, i got about halfway down when i came off and heard a snap, i broke my tibia and fibia, now my leg is in a full length cast =( when i get back to a computer ill post pics of the hill and my leg and stuff. :frowning:

You obviously weren’t wearing your bubble suit!

That sucks, and right at the start of summer holidays too.


Can you tell us if you were riding out of control or did you just land wrong? If you could redo the moment what would you do different? Was it a dirt hill? Sucks to wreck the summer months. At least you are young so healing should be quick. I broke my fibula snowboarding about a year ago. It was an easy, clean break so it healed in six weeks. I worry about injury since I am older. I like to learn from other’s mishaps.

No you’re not an idiot; you just need to be more careful next time!

Get well soon! And don’t be so down on yourself. You just made a wrong judgement and tried a bigger challenge than you could cope with. If anything, this will help you learn to judge better in the future. You are young and it’s natural that you still need to learn a lot.

just when you were beginning to progress a lot:(. Get well soon, man.

You forgot to tell us what the “idiot” part was. Maybe when you post a picture of the hill it will be obvious? :slight_smile:

In any case, get well soon, and follow your doctor’s instructions on healing and rehab! I know too many people who have rushed it and made things worse…

I feel ya. I’ve been off the unicycle for 3 weeks now because I pulled muscle in my back. It’s not as bad as a broken leg but it is really frustrating not being able to ride. Right at the beginning of summer too! For everyone else, ride safe.

That’s horrible sorry to hear it. Take care and hope you heal fast.

Sucks to be you

I am not suggesting you should be proud of breaking your leg. I am sure that no matter how you look at it, in hind sight it’s gotta look like the wrong move.

When faced with plaster myself (motorcycles) , I took some consolation that at the end of the day, I was a little wiser about where the line was. All those other guys who were afraid to look for it are still pussies.:slight_smile:

I am not very good at riding down hills and this will not help my confidence.

Take care. Get well.

Sorry to hear about the break, Hope you heal quickly.

Sorry bro,

When you do what we do, injuries happen. It stinks it had to be this serious though. :frowning: Get well soon

well heres the pics, i had to find one of the hill, all i could find was the hill covered in snow

thats the hill and
this is my leg in the attatchment
thanks for all the sympathy :wink:
has anybody else broken their leg then gone back to riding? im wondering how long it will take to build up the muscles again :frowning:

That sucks.

Well i wont be asking you if you want to come for a ride then :stuck_out_tongue:

   GET well soon you fool 

Im guessing it will take awhile before you get to ride but doubt you not going to forget

It should not take long.

I waited 12 weeks after surgery and started riding again. Mine was not as bad as yours.

Your young and should be back into shape really quick. I managed to complete a 110 miles in one day before I reached my one year anniversary and still did a respectable amount of miles again the next day.

Sorry about the break! Since you are very young, that helps. How quickly you heal depends upon the type of break it is, what they did, your age, health, diet, etc. If you smoke, dont, that will halt healing as will taking certain OTC meds.

I broke my arm over a year ago, last May. Its still isnt as strong as my non dominant arm. I had my first surgery on July 2, it was a non union since bone fragments died with bolts/plates, 2nd surgery in November. Bone replaced with my hip bone. I had 2 other surgeries on it after that but that surgery lead to a union and it was 6 months after that 2nd surgery about that I could do stuff safely. I was told it would take a full year to heal but I eat healthy so I guess that helped. My break was severe though and complicated, commuted with dead pieces since I waited, broken in 3 places.

If its a rod, some people are in pain forever. I know skateboarders quit after that but some still ride. Sorry, I cant say much about legs, I know rods have issues. My arm is OK now, just still weak. I think it takes a full year after you recover to gain strength back fully.

That sucks man. Right at the start of the school holidays and everything. :frowning:
That leg looks a bit nasty. Did you have leg pads on?
You’ll be back into it in no time I’m sure. Maybe you can ride with your leg plastered :wink:

Where is that hill? It looks pretty steep.

woah man that sucks!
and like Eli said, just as you were starting to improve fast!

When I had a half cast, you’ll probably get one later, I rode my bicycle all over the place. I rode up mountain roads as if I didn’t have a cast at all. I wanted to keep the muscles from shrinking up. As long as it’s pain free I don’t see a problem riding. You SHOULD check with your doctor, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be told “no.” I didn’t ride a unicycle last year, but I probably wouldn’t have taken that chance. Too many dismounts and landing hard on the feet.