I am afraid of losing at Unicon18

How about you?
The fear of losing is terrible. I am afraid of not being good enogh. Not good enogh to show what I could acheeve. Or I just might have a bad day.
Losing hurts and I am sure, I will lose at Unicon18. Maybe more sure about losing than anybody else.

Losing hurts is one reason why i think we should talk about losers on unicycles.

But this is not the only reason. I don´t act out of fear.
I know i might lose because I choose to compete at freestyle with my performance LOSER. But as far as I know I am the only one who tries to lose at Unicon18. All other loser will be selected surprisingly at the end of each event. This might feel very painful. An experiance i would love to avoid.

I collected some ideas that help to stop to create losers and i would be happy if you ad your ideas and you experiance here in this post.

Or maybe you disagree. Do you have other opinions. Do you think it is good to have winners and losers? Please join the discussion.

See you all soon in Spain.

I don’t fear losing anymore. I used to hate losing when i was younger… To try your best and know that it wasn’t good enough… But now that I’m older its not so much about losing anymore, its about being better than I was before. It helps motivate me to do better than last time even if i still don’t win or even place hopefully I learn more than I did before.

I don’t think losing hurts anyone. Everyone cannot win. I plan on going to NAUCC next year just to compete and see where I’m at. Losing in anything isn’t bad. And in such a helpful and in a community like unicycling I don’t think losing is anything to be ashamed of. Everyone here on this site is more than happy to help each other get better and succeed at whatever they’re trying to do.

I am not sure what you are losing in these competitions.

If you place a bet and lose, you lost whatever you bet.

If you compete and didn’t finish first place you gained experience.

If you go with nothing to lose then you always win regardless of the outcome.

You already win just by being there. Austria is a lot closer to UNICON than Australia.

I am overjoyed today because I got a message telling me that the 2016 Australian Championships are to be held only 300 km away from my home. I will be able to take a full set of unis, spend some time with other unicyclists and see some fantastic riding.

It wouldn’t really bother me to come last. Any success will be a bonus.

I went to the 2014 championships (the last time I saw another uni rider) with the same attitude, having only been riding for a few months and with only three weeks for some serious training. Came home with a second place in the 10 km Standard wheel masters.

I think you are a little obsessed with the idea of being a loser. Feeling like a loser is the same as feeling like being happy. It’s a choice. Being a loser is not the same thing as not being the winner. Because you can’t win if you don’t try. To try is, in a sense, to win. Better to have tried, and done something, than to have not tried, or to have done nothing.

In any case, I will be there to watch your Loser performance, and if I understand your intention, I hope you don’t win. :slight_smile:

Whatever happens, I will do my best to take excellent pictures of your performance. Someday I may even return to the Freestyle arena (my last entry was 1994). I may not win, but neither will I lose!

separations like winners and loosers are made for idiots. :astonished:

unicyclists do not separate,
they just may feel happy or unhappy, act funny or not funny.

if unicyclist ride fast its just because they want to be with their friends as soon as possible
and if unicyclist perform hard its just to delight their firends:D

Hey, thanks for this encouraging words.

Yes, some of you would be good losers and maybe would not call themself like this. You might have found a good way that works for you. (like make sure you allways win)
But just because you don´t have this fear, does not mean it is not there for others.

For example oneneedsone a little while ago, when he also had this understandable fear and hated to lose.
He made it, great to have you still in our community. But that was very lucky.

How about the weak, unexperienced and sensible unicyclists? or riders that go for there first Unicon and do not have great support? Why do we treat them so terrible?
We know competition is going to hurt them. And what do we do?
We don´t know what to do, so we do nothing.
Maybe we do not even realize what we do, because non of us personally did something bad. But all together we created a painful environment for our losers.

Secretly we are ashame of our losers, so we do not event talk about it.

Yes, I believe at Unicon we do much better than in other sports,
But we are still not aware of how much pain all the competition brings to our community unintentional.

Did someone treat you badly at Unicon? Or another uni competition? I’ve only been able to watch online, but from what it seems everyone is pretty supportive pre, during, and post competition. No one is ashamed of those who dont place. If they were I dont think we’d have nearly as many returners nor as many that come back and eventually place.

It feels more like you had a bad experience based on your last post.

I do wish you luck on your performance though, I watched and its very artistically done.

@ einread freak.

Competition is good. It cultivates ambition and strength of character which are qualities you need to survive in the real world.

Losing teaches you how to take the knocks and then to pick yourself back up and get on with life.

Achieving first place is rare for most people but they still enjoy giving it their best and testing their limits.

What you take from losing is determined by your attitude. As John Foss says you make a choice.

To get the most out of competition you need to see all that it has to offer and not just the winners medal.

Before entering assess what benefits you can realistically take from it and make those your goal.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

But you will be better because you have thought more deeply and pathetically about it than we have. Still, anyone who posts on this thread is automatically a contender!

at least you do not have to worry about losing your other wheel :slight_smile:

If this is your first unicon, I can see why you think that. You wont be afraid of losing/not-winning/are-we-even-losing? after this. My first Unicon was a little stressfull too. I wasn’t aiming to win or anything, but having competition is always stressful. And then you find out that everybody is awesome and you never loose at uni conventions.

Have fun and see you soon! :slight_smile:

Most people compete to win the Mercedes and the $$$$$$ prize money:D

You should be proud to join the unicyclist greats, the losers who left the field crying their eyes out:(:(:frowning:

Thanks for starting this thread!;);):wink:

I have lost at UNICON and lived to tell about it.

Wait a minute. Aren’t you David Weichenberger? I’m still trying to figure out your game here. Anxiety about not winning? To win at today’s Unicons is a very rare thing, because there are so many excellent riders! You can’t play with a guarantee of winning, you can only play to do your very best that day. If you did your best possible effort for that day, you cannot be a loser, except in your head.

So stay out of your head and you should be fine. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you a former World Champion of Trials?

Sorry if I’m “outing” you…

Watch the video, man.

… or follow any of the links to his web site posted above :astonished:
This thread is really funny, considering.
Well, there is alight at the end of the tunnel: Karin might win the Academy Awards in the Foreign Film category:)

anyone else who forgot that david is the einradfreak?

now i know why david feels loosing…
no one can remember him:(


David, definitely you can still win in a pothole count competition during 10k race :wink:
And I hope this time there will be a low jump competition, so we can avoid loosing there :wink:

Sick Boy: It’s certainly a phenomenon in all walks of life.
Renton: What do you mean?
Sick Boy: Well, at one time, you’ve got it, and then you lose it, and it’s gone forever. :smiley: