I almost bought a torker LX last night, then rode one today, and now I don't want one

I don’t know what to do really.
I want to get into more freestyle stuff.
I have a Sun 28, a KH Freeride, and a 6’ Giraffe. Not exactly the best selection for learning freestyle tricks.
The Torker LX 20 seems like a great value for doing freestyle stuff. But I rode one today, and I just can’t get over how small it feels. I wobble like crazy on it, and find it so much harder to ride. Can’t do any one-footed or wheel walking stuff on it at all, both of which I find very easy on the 28 and the KH. I can barely idle on the 20".
But I keep hearing that 20 is really the best for just plain freestyle.

Is it just a matter of not being used to such a small wheel, or what?

I expect it’s just a question of what you’re used to. On a 20" things will happen faster and with less muscle input than on your big wheels. Idling a big wheel takes a fair amount of controlling energy; on a small wheel it requires much smaller movements, it’s much more about technique.

If you’re happy with what you have, there’s no reason to run out and buy something else, but most freestyle is definitely easier on a smaller wheel, given a comparable amount of practice. (Wheel walking may be an exception).

was the seat at the right height for you? if not, some things that are easy on a muni are nearly impossible on a 20(w/ low seat)

No, it was a definately bit low for me. But it didn’t feel like that was the problem…hard to say why I felt that way.

hrmm…I think that if you took the time to get used to a 20", it’d be better for freestyle. but I think since you’re used to a bigger wheel, it might be better to get a 24" freestyle and use that. It’s pretty much just up to you, either one would work, but the 20" would take some getting used to. If I was in your spot, I’d prolly get a 24" freestyle…yeah.

Skippi, I think you just need some more time on the 20. I don’t really do freestyle but idling is much easier. Your skills are good. If you gave it a good session you be at home on it. When I ride my 20 exclusively for a while, anything bigger feels uncomfortable for a little while.

But I just sold my 24 to get the KH! :smiley:

Well, we’ll see. Maybe my friend will let me borrow her 20 for a while and see if it gets better for me if I raise the seat a bit.
Maybe different cranks would help as well. Something a bit smaller to maintain the ratio to which I am used?

I ride a 24" unicycle for freestyle, and I love it! I may eventually switch to a 20" unicycle, but every time I’ve tried my brother’s I’ve felt awkward and silly. I find wheel walking skills a lot harder on a 20" wheel because there’s so little room. And last time I tried gliding on the 20", I missed the wheel completely and went over backward, hurting my wrists quite a bit. I suppose with practice I could get used to a 20" wheel, but I do know that as long as you are fairly tall, virtually all high-level freestyle skills are accesible on a 24" wheel. Just make sure you have the seat as high as it can comfortably go.

I went from a 24" to a 20" LX and it felt entirely different too. I’m 6’5" and the 24" felt perfect (I learned to ride on a 24" though), but when I got my 20" it was a whole new ballgame. Try getting either smaller or larger cranks and see how you like it. I stripped my 5" (127mm) cranks and Torker sent me replacement 6" (152.4mm) cranks; a huge difference. The 6" cranks touch the ground sometimes if I turn very sharply, but I rarely dismount because of it.

I didn’t know there was a difference between the left and right pedals or cranks and, four days later, everything was stripped :frowning: . I called Torker and asked for replacement parts which they sent the next day.

Well, that’s one response saying that a 20 is better, and one that says a 24 is better for freestyle…
Now I’m confused and wondering if maybe a 24 wouldn’t be better…
Why don’t they make a 22" uni? :angry:

Just to clarify, I vote that you get the 20" LX.

True, it may feel awkward at first, but so did unicycling when you first started! As long as you have a bigger wheel for when you want to get around quickly, you won’t regret getting the 20".

Just out of curiosity, how tall are you?

The uni I rode was set up for someone quite a bit shorter than I, about 5’3" or so.

Im about 5’10" too. I suppose it all depends on what your used to riding. Spend some more time on a 20", as Is already said I think, make sure hte seats high enough, and see if its any better. Because somtimes it takes awhile to get used to it I guess.