I admit it: I'm a poser!

Just so we know where we stand from the very outset of this thread: I want a trials uni, or a uni that looks like a trials uni, but I don’t want to do trials on it!

So yeah, I freely admit, I wanna be a trials poser! :stuck_out_tongue:

After breaking my leg doing trials a few years back, my interest in trials faded. :frowning: I sold the 20 inch and concentrated more on long distance riding. Now there are times when I think it would be fun to tool around on the smaller wheel but not in a freestyle kind of way. Out on the street, around town, just playing around, nothing hardcore. So I like the fat trials wheels but don’t need the trials strength.

Is there a uni out there that’s just made for a poser like me?

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

If you’re a true poser, you’ll want a splined hub, and the appearance of all the finest components. If you’re less interested in the poser aspect and actually want something to ride, you can get a non-splined version for cheaper.

My old friend and performing partner Greg Milstein (www.centeringcircus.com) just told me he bought himself a Trials uni for performing, to replace his old Miyata. He loves the way it rides in the grassy circus ring where he often works.

There’s nothing wrong with buying unicycles you may not use much, or ever. If there was, I’d be in jail. The market is supported by posers, and people who buy equipment that’s beyond their riding abilities. Please buy two!

Thanks for your reply John; it made me laugh!

Naw, I guess I am just a superficial poser as I really don’t need the whole ‘splined hub’ look. But the fat tire for sure…

And yes, I have often have gear that is better than my abilities…hey, what can I say, I’m just a natural when it comes to posing…:smiley:

Definatly the Nimbus Trials… Its cheap, looks good (with chrome cranks), and will hold up to a bit too.


John, I met Greg last summer when I went to see a friend who’d been studying with him. We were talking unicycles and he mentioned a friend called John who was into Muni. I wondered if it was you…

Small world :slight_smile:


Since you are in Canada I would strongly suggest getting a bedford light duty trials. A friend of mine has it and its quite nice, plus the price is about the same as the Nimbus and you will save a ton on shipping or you can get it in fancy colours.

Good suggestion ntappin. Fancy colours, eh? Is that included in the price or extra?

And do you or anyone else know if the Bedford light duty comes with metal pedals (what kind?) and a three bolt seat post clamp?

the colors are extra, $35 for the frame, other components cost other prices.


Do you know what type of tire in on the light duty? Is it the 2.50 Luna?

probably, it is the least expensive trials tire they sell. You could call to check.