I actually met a guy...

…who said he could ride a unicycle and when offered the chance, in fact, was able to ride my unicycle. I was out on my evening ride and this guy says, “hey, I can ride one of those.” So I stopped and told him to have a go. He freemounted with just a bit of leaning on my shoulder and rode a few yards somewhat wobbly. But it was clear that with a few minutes of practice he’d be right back at it.

I’ve had people tell me they could ride but only on one other occasion, I believe, did someone actually demonstrate their skill.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I had one person demonstrate his ability (I was actually walking the unicycle at the time :)), who then proceeded to show a far greater skill than me, damn him :wink:

Had one other person join me on his unicycle whilst I was learning (at half 5 in the morning), considering I was behind a fence and a hedge and stuff, I’m amazed he managed to spot me.

Thats funny I was riding last year through town with another friend on our unis, and a man walked out of the bike shop we were heading into and said the same, “hey I can ride”, so we let him try. Hejumped on no problem, rode around for a few minute, walked the wheel and was hopping the curbs like a pro. He went on to tell us he’d been riding since he was a youngen and he has a few unis at his place in Vietnam, would love to get a chance to ride with that guy.

I’ve met several people who ask to ride and can.

Last year we were staging for a parade when one of the SeaFair Pirates asked to ride. He was in full pirate garb including knee boots. He really impressed his friends.

Last evening Johnny and I headed to the sk8 park. As we approached I overheard “hear comes the circus”. I just choked back the tears and pretended I didn’t hear.

They didn’t seem to bothered by me once I started practicing hopping up the stairs and doing my lame drops. I was practicing crank grabs to rubber when they asked my name. I had a feeling they had seen some trials so I said it wasn’t Kris, don’t know if they got the joke.

I showed them the big trials tire then one said he used to ride. He did a proper mount, rode down and up some of the transitions, rode backwards briefly, idled, and rode back. His friends were laughing hysterically the entire time. I was pretty impressed since it seemed he hadn’t been on one in years.

In the last two times I’ve been there at least one person who can’t ride at all asks to try. Its ironic the ones who are interested are too short to reach the pedals.

Just goes to show a fat tire, budget Summit, and lame trials can earn you some respect. (Or maybe just morbid curiosity)

I’l let Harper tell you about Saturday’s Biker group at Golden Gardens…

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. I’ve had a couple of kids ask me :slight_smile:

It does of course beg the question of why you were practising at 5 in the morning in the first place… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have this all the time since the local school is the best place within many miles to practice freestyle. I finally built a kid-sized 20" and carry it and a helmet around with me in the car. Their eyes really light up when I tell them I have one that would fit them that they can try.

Looking back on my own life I can imagine that it’s something that each one will remember for many many years.

Re: I actually met a guy…

I’ve had people remark that they’re former unicyclists too. When I offer
them a shot at Grendel, they back up first, then decline politely… but I
don’t take that as evidence that they can’t unicycle. There’s a big
difference between a cute little 20" and the Great Killer. :wink:

I met a guy who asked if he could ride my unicycle outside a senior center in like march. After talking to him for a bit i bought a 6’ giraffe he had in his garage across the street for $40

I have had two occasions were I had someone say they could ride one. The first was when Harper was here in town and we all went for a Muni ride(I was on a Mtn Bike). A guy came up to us in a gravel parking lot and said he could ride one. He hopped up on one of the many Muni sitting around and rode a circle in the gravel parking lot. Said about the only time he rides his now is when he has everyone over for a party and the are drunk.

The second time I was at Mtn Park Park(not a typo). It has a paved path that is about 1.5 miles around. On my third time around, a lady said “I used to ride one of those” as I was riding by. I said “It’s great exercise” and kept going, since my goal was to make it around three times w/o a dismount unplanned or otherwise.

We helped this big boy get onto the SH MUni and it was clear that he had ridden before but he wasn’t going to do a repeat that day. Fortunately he didn’t fall and cram the cigarette down his throat. He didn’t offer to share, either.

The other guy we met could actually ride quite well. He is riding JC’s KH MUni here and, later, rode my SH MUni. He was 49, just a kid.

The previous week, at my son’s graduation/birthday party, there was a high-school or college aged guy who mounted and rode right away on Tangerine Dream as soon as the seat was low enough.

Pretty much everyone who are interested in trying my uni are too short for it, but a few kids have been able to hop on the tire a few times if I help them get up there.

I’m a wannabe-geek, I’m allowed to be up at 5am…

Hah, I laugh in the face of sleep, and then I hide until it goes away :wink:

Practising in the early hours is so much more peaceful, it’s not roasting, and there are no annoying people yelling “where’s your other wheel?”.

Very true. I went for a ride along the river earlier; there’s only so many unoriginal jokes you can take per minute before the urge to ram someone into the river takes hold… :slight_smile: